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A very old computer


celeron 1.6ghz

ali chipset


Hd ata


i use 10.4.1 with platform=x86pc, it work but the hd controller is not recognized (it's the price for this old computer)


both 10.4.1 and 10.4.3 with -v have the same problem


stopped at vaga family ecc ecc

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I agree with Cyrana, is not the VIDEO, Vga Family Not Match message isn't really a problem. But your chipset is not in any of the possible kexts although it could load Generic/Intel compatible IDE/ATA kext.

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I'm having this problem too.

I installed os x on vmware, on another computer, and put the image on my notebook.

when i boot with -v platform=X86PC i get that VGA: family specific fails, after the sound is recognized, and just stops there.

My specs are:

Pentium M (Banias) 1.5


nVidia FX go 5200.


how can i get through this??

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I'm having the same problem on my Compaq Presario 2544ea.

It worked fine with 10.4.1 a few month ago ; now it freezes at the installation of 10.4.3, with this :

VGA: family specific matching fails


With 10.4.1 I had to boot with platform=x68pc


I post my specs on the wiki :

* 2,66GHz Pentium 4 (sse2 only)

* ATI RS200M AGP chipset

* 2x256MB Ram

* ATI IGP 340M (Radeon Mobility M7)

* 40GB 7200rpm HD (clean HFS partition)

* Teac CD-RW/DVD-Rom Combo

* National Semiconductor Ethernet

* Conexant HSF modem

* ALI 5451 Sound

* M-Audio Audiophile USB audio card

* Broadcom Wirelees


Thanks for any help...

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