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    Bluetooth Fix

    Hi, I have a macbook with Windows Xp Home Installed. I followed many steps presented here but i Still Can't Make my bluetooth Work. I changed btwusb.inf and added ExcludeFromSelect=USB\VID_05AC&PID_8205 in [ControlFlag] and Apple Bluetooth Radio= BTWUSB, USB\VID_05AC&PID_8205 in [WIDCOMM.NTx86.5.1]. I'm Using ANYCOM Bluetooth Software The Drivers install correctly but the Bluetooth Icon in taskbar has a Red B on it. In My computer -> My bluetooth -> View Or Modify configuration, I can change some configs but in Diagnostics Screen the Adapter is shown but it's informations are incorrect. (See picture attached). And from time to time the windows makes the sound of a hadware being unpluged and then the Bluetooth Network Interface disapears and then sundely comes back with windows making the sound of a hardware being connected. Can some one help me ?? Thanks! By the Way, i found this ftp link : ftp://drivers.anycom.com/drivers/bluetooth/, witch has many othe anycom drivers. Can some other version of this anycom driver work? Thanks!
  2. Amazondani

    Leopard hacked!

    A Little Question... In the Final version, if we buy the DVD, and modify to make it work on non Apple Hardware. It will be Legal or not? And, Congrats who could make this Possible.. Leopard, Here we Go
  3. Does some one have reports of XFX Geforce 6500 PCI-E working ?? Thanks!
  4. Amazondani

    Pentium M "Banias" 1.4 GHz

    SepFloyd... What is the chipset your Notebook has ??? I'm Starting to think that can be something related to my chipset, witch is a intel 855PM without on-board video, or might be my Combo drive(that can't record faster than 8x, but suports 24x). Can you give any light, on how to get OS X working ?? Thanks in advance
  5. Amazondani

    Pentium M "Banias" 1.4 GHz

    Realy thanks mmk, I'll try this ! I'm getting excited with it, cos in the past, i could only get to bsd root thing, and nothing more was shown, at list now, i get a error menssage. Another thing, what was the system you were using ? Did it look like the one i have ? Thaks!
  6. Use Ubuntu 5.10, witch comes with Gparted(same as partition magic) there will be shown if you OS X partition is primary or extended.
  7. The Kula Did you tried to install trough VMware? Maybe, your problem is related to a bad instalation, when doing it native. And instead of using the chain0 method, use acronis boot selector, witch gives you a nice graphical interface upon boot and lets you chose witch OS to boot or any other boot selector you whant, even darwin's one! Certify that the partition you are trying to install is primary, too. Hope you can get this up and runing
  8. I'm having this same problem on the notebook described below. My machine, currently has only one partition(NTFS) for windows XP, and I'm trying to install 10.4.3 Can somebody please help me on getting this thing to work ???? I'd really appreciated ! NOTE: I've tried to install this version before, but all i would get was a screen stopping on ACPI stuff, or at BSD root device..
  9. Amazondani

    Pentium M "Banias" 1.4 GHz

    So, it's really possible to install 10.4.3 or better systems on Banias CPU's??? I don't even reach the blue screen, and almost aways get errors related with not being able to mount the HFS partition on The DVD. Can you please, post step by step what have u done until now ?? To get the system installed our at list , in the blue screen with mouse ?? Thanks!.
  10. Amazondani

    10.4.1 to 10.4.4... Possible?

    I found what is making the black windows apear. It's because you're using the 10.4.1 boot loader, witch is not compatible with 10.4.4. So, what you have to do is to set the 10.4.4 partition active, and than boot to 10.4.4. Try this and let us know!
  11. Amazondani

    Install 10.4.4 using partition image

    So i think i'll have to erase all my hardisk, to sse if this works... And, have any one sucssesfuly booted 10.4.4 on a banias CPU in a centrino system??? And this image alredy has the IOATA , PS2 and AC97 Kext's??? Any help about these questions would be well come... Thanks!!
  12. Amazondani

    Install 10.4.4 using partition image

    @ liapple This 2.2 GB is the space to store the ghost image? or to realy write the image onto?? What i meant if if i can restore this Ghost image to a 6 Gb partition, for example... Any one tryed this??
  13. Amazondani

    Install 10.4.4 using partition image

    Can some one tell me if i can restore the GhostImage, to a smaller partition, cos i can't free up 22 GB. To free this space i woud have to empty my windows and os X partitions, and thats a thing i don't want to do. Any help would be wellcome! Thanks
  14. I would recomend you wait a little, and see if Vista realy can get installed on Apple Hardware. If this is provem to be possible, and runin well, you could buy a real mac, and have this awesome machine, with total suport form apple, and the possivility to run windows tool. Hope i helped.
  15. Amazondani

    Can't install OSX86 Why?

    Have you tried to install through VMware? or hitting enter on the boot count down? What is the version you are trying to instal?? Try this and let us know.