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Processor exchange Intel P4 for an AMD Sempron


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I am almost sure my PC won't install any other

operating system that is diferent from Windows,

it WON'T install Linux, it WON'T install Mac OS X,

No other operating systems.


That's why I'm thinking about this deal with my brother.


My Intel Pentium 4 Northwood, 2.6 GHz

for his AMD Sempron 1.6 GHz,


It looks that mine (p4) won't work woth osX86,

and my brother just uses XP or Vista.


We tested Mac on his PC (AMD Sempron) and

the processor was detected as 3.4 GHz (wow)


Is it a good deal?

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Don't know,

I have a possible theory.


My motherboard is not very good, since

it won't work even with Linux, when the

installation is starting, the computer reboots,

very strange, I don't know exactly what is

happening, also I thought it was the video

card, so I purchased a NVIDIA PCI card.

This was the same, or even worst.

So maybe, I think that the best possible

option is to exchange my Microsoft'ed


But the question still remains.


Intel P4 2.6 GHz

AMD Semprom 1.6 GHz, detected in Mac OS X as 3.4 GHz

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What installer are you using? i used to have a Sempron and it's SSE3 capable, use CPU-Z to verify your brother's processor capabilities, you can try SSE2/SSE3 kernel to your Northwood (might work).... by the way Sempron is a good deal than an Old P4 northwood.

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