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Serious Video Issues with bootcamp MAC and Vista


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:thumbsup_anim: I'm wondering if anyone has had this problem because it's really baking my noodle;


Mac Book Pro, with bootcamp 1.1 I guess... Was XP then I did an upgrade to vista. No problems there, all working fine and I was a happy chap. Latest boot camp drivers popped up with "vista support". Instead of thinking, hey I'm cool here, it all works.. I did the wrong thing and updated the installation.


I've had alot of problem since then, but most of them have been sorted by removing drivers. What isn't fixed is my display. The first time I power up the machine in either MAC or PC mode the screen has what looks like inverted colour set. The machine is not useable. If I restart after having booted once then odds on the screen issue will resolve itself.


It's horrible. I don't think it's the hardware.. I think it's 1.2 drivers. Anyone have any ideas? :blink: I'm pulling my hair out and thinking of raising a support issue with Apple or getting the machine looked at by them...

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I've had the exact same issue.. (C2D Macbook Pro)


This might not work.. (or i might be your saviour :P ),


Have you been trying to connect an external display lately? :)


I connected up a 40" 1080p display on vga .. it was all fine until i booted vista.. and closed the lid while it was booting..

Then when i opened it up.. the screen was screwed..

Spent hours trying to fix..


Anyway.. heres how i fixed it..

Make sure you have an external monitor connected. (DVI preferred i guess).


Now with the lid barely open.. switch the macbook on.. and immidietly close the lid.

This will make your external monitor your default monitor (and force a detection).

Let it boot into OSX.. once thats done.. open the lid (which should result in a disabled built in monitor).

Go to display preferences and detect displays.

Mine detected it fine and all was fixed :)


I guess the prob was that the built in display "inherited" the external display's settings when i closed the lid while booting


Let me know how it goes

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Thanks for replying, I've only just picked this up. I'll try the gfx driver cleaners. I did try rolling back the GFX drivers but this didn't work. Perhaps it was Vista not rolling back.


What bugs me is that if I turn off the machine in mac mode. And then reboot in mac mode it stuffs the screen so it's not a vista centric issue.


I love my mac book, but recently I've felt like throwing it out of the window. I'll try the cleaners and see what happens.


I think both apple and microsoft are to blame here. The old chestnut with "They're in beta" is perhaps what you can expect with the drivers. How hard can it be thou? It's not like they're too many different permutations of the MAC out there.


Thanks again for reply. I'll let you know how I get on. :mellow:

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Okay, after some fannying around last night here's what happens;


If the system shows the "white screen" when you turn it on then this causes the display issue. If the system boots straight into the OS and doesn't show a white screen then this is okay. If you ALT during boot to show the OS options then this causes the display issue.


Ergo, it must be something to do with the display drivers on "boot camp" itself.


Do you think I can down grade to 1.1?

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