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  1. iPhone and mods

    So, in the original spirit that gave birth to InsanelyMac I ask you this... What kind of stuff do you think people will try to do with their iPhones once they release on the 29th. Seeing as they run "full" osx that potentially opens it up to ALOT of stuff but who knows what kind of security they built into it to prevent access to the OS. I know that the phone definitely does not run on any x86 type hardware so you won't see me trying to dump XP of Vista on em this go around I'm thinking people will probably start with ways to unlock the phone and get their own apps or widgets going on it. Should be interesting.
  2. iPhone and mods

    Delete this please, ended up with a double post by accident
  3. Well I've been playing with Fusion and Parallels now that I got the fancier macbook pro. They've finally advenced to a point where I felt I could stary trying em out. I like that Coherance now works with vista. After a few hours of playing I was finally able to make sense of the desktop and tweak it so that it wasn't a creepy jumble. if you set the dock to autohide the windows taskbar goes all the way to the bottom and you can bring up the dock as you need it. As for Fusion...it seems to work a tad better performance wise and sound isn't jacked in Vista like in Parallels but unfortunately Unity does not support vista yet so you are restricted to a windowed Windows environment. I went ahead and did the $40 presale on Fusion though cause its half the cost right now and I'm sure vmware will have most of not all the bugs worked out of unity by the time the final releases.
  4. Leopard 9A466 Torrent allready leaked?

    People begging for Leopard...go away. This is getting damned annoying and will just get every single thread locked by a mod. If I were a mod I've had already doneso.
  5. 3rd Party yes but apple has already integrated 64bit apps with 10.5 so a user can at least see some performance gains there too. Would it be worth upgrading though? Thats hard to say without seeing and using the new os yet.
  6. Basicly you need to get one of the non Santa Rosa based T series mobile Core 2 Duos. The T7600, T7400, T7200, T5600, and T5500 (no VT Technology in this last CPU). These all run on a 667 MHz bus. Luckily with the release of the Santa Rosa chips that means the listed ones here will start to drop in price. I think Intel is also planning a CPU price drop in July. As for a hard drive any 3.5" SATA drive should work fine.
  7. They could have a background of steve smashing an iMac to pieces for all I care. The background is one of the first things I change and I usually change it again every few months.
  8. Jane you ignorant {censored}... Hey you told me to say it. Anyway... I don't think apple will release a version of OSX anytime soon for any PC user to own. The would have to support a massive amount of hardware and quite frankly I doubt Jobs wants to waste the time to get distracted from making his own products better. Yes it WOULD be a great alternative to Windows and I'm certain he knows it but sometimes not every business decision is about getting the most customers.
  9. Serious Video Issues with bootcamp MAC and Vista

    All I can recommend is try grabbing one of those Driver Cleaners from the net that can completely remove ATI drivers off a machine and then reinstall the vista drivers. I've been using the updated drivers on my MacBook Pro with zero issues.
  10. Full Windows Install Only

    You guys keep missing the point. We KNOW we could have gotten a {censored} dell PC. We WANTED a snazzy looking mac. Show me another PC maker who can sell decent looking PCs at the prices Apple has and look as good and we'll talk. The closest is Sony and they are even more expensive.
  11. Full Windows Install Only

    OK I'll cut through all the BS in one shot and answer Blankman's Question... Yes Now for the datails... Once apple released the updated firmware for the intel based Macs it basicly turned all their PCs into regular intel computers that can run OSX with no hacking. If you are getting a mac thats newer than the original bootcamp release then you shouldn't have to do anything. Otherwise you just wanna make sure you update the firmware before wiping the PC. Also just make sure you have a copy of the bootcamp drivers CD so that you have all the drivers needed. Once all that is checked off just boot off the windows CD, wipe all the partitions (you don't need the 200MB partition either) and install windows. I only have OSX on my MacBook Pro because there are a few things I like to do with it. Otherwise I use vista (yes, it was free). Also I don't use bootcamp. When I partitioned my HD I installed windows alone and restored OSX to a 2nd partition I made via a drive image I created of OSX. I don't use GPT partitioning at all. Also for all those who think running windows alone is stupid...so what? As someone mentioned some of us love the hardware and don't really like the OS. I don't care if windows may be more vulnerable. I know how to secure it. Of course OSX isn't exactly foolproof either, why else would they release a security update? Also its pure preference. They all do the same thing in the end and some of us just prefer windows.
  12. Track pad on vista

    The only fix I've managed to get working is to disable and reenable the trackpad driver. AFAIK there is no fix to get it to work immediately when the laptop wakes up. There was a supposed fix on the forum that worked for some people but it never worked for me. I'll just wait till apple updates.
  13. [HowTo] Mac Drivers for Windows Vista

    Great job with this Vista Driver Installation thread. I added it to the main vista installed thread in the bootcamp forum for all to see.
  14. Vista Installed

    I added gsbhullar's thread on how to install windows vista drivers to the original post. Its a great step by step tutorial.
  15. I write a Vista driver for Intel Mac IR device

    I finally was able to add the IR driver thread to the Drivers Search thread. Keep up the great work!