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Dreamweaver CS3 "Recovered" folders in Trash


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Er... don't listen to AllOutMacs... he tends to form some crazy hypotheses. When you empty your trash, it's emptied. Nothing is restored "back" from the trash. For lack of a better term, what he said was complete b/s.


Apple has some documentation on this:




Basically, it's a normal feature of OS X and nothing to be concerned about. When you run a program, it creates temporary files in a directory to help it run. If you decide to open the program again during the same session when you're logged into the computer, it'll have them ready to go quickly. When you reboot, it moves it to the trash since they aren't needed any more.


Dreamweaver is just one of a few programs that use this process. Not every app caches data the same way. Everybody gets this occasionally depending on what programs they run in any given log-in session.

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