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  1. no ntfs write

    that helped but now i have rw access on one drive (750 samsung (the one i really needed)), r access on another, (320 hitichi, only really need read, as its full), and my windows ntfs one wont mount... any ideas? i guess its better then nothing right now though
  2. no ntfs write

    I have no write access to any of my (3) ntfs drives. They all mount, and are readable, and even say the correct size, but when ever i try to write to them, i get an error: MacFUSE worked before on my 10.4.8 install, and on my ToH 10.5.0 install. I need write access, is this a know error and can it be fixed?
  3. zfs on 10.5.1

    EDIT: got it working no longer needed thanks for the help though
  4. zfs on 10.5.1

    So I just got Kalyway's version of 10.5.1 installed and working perfectly, now I want to play with zfs, but the only problem is i can't install it on 10.5.1, it only works in 10.5.0 However, there is a fix, but it requires kexts and other files from 10.5.0, since I don;t have a 10.5.0 install working, (nor any means to go about getting one right now), I was wondering if anyone out here can get thes files for me:
  5. I'd be more then happy to try out your beta dvd installer. I've had so so luck so far with Kalaway, and using the retail dvd, sometimes the install won't boot, or wont recognize my drives. I used your 10.4.8 though for a very long time, and had no issues there, great stuff, glad to see you back in the game. my hardware is in my sig, it hasn't changed
  6. I have a Hauppauge-WinTV-HVR-1600 PCI card, is there any way to get that working in Leopard yet? I tried some other cards under tiger, but didn't have any success, however when i got this one my Tiger install broke, and I was too lazy to reinstall it and test. I know PCI cards are hit and miss under OSX, but it's been some time since i've tried...
  7. move apps between spaces

    ah, thankyou, that is exactly what i want. i probably would have figured out the drag between spaces myself if i didn't get rid of the spaces icon from the dock (takes up space i think) but i may put it back to make this easier i never would have figured out the mouse thing though (is that doccumented somewhere?) anyway, this is what i wanted to know, thanks a million!
  8. i was able to get network working again by turning it off, and back on again. right now i'm sitting on 10.5.1 everything but sleep seems to work, and the only problem is that about this mac shows a core 2 solo, and only one active core, but activity monitor shows 2 cores (i think) (i have a core 2 duo)
  9. move apps between spaces

    i'm famirlar with the spaces concept from various versions of linux i've used over the years, one thing i found very useful from there was that if i had alot of windows open, i could right click on each one, and move it to another desktop (space). so far, i have yet to find this feature in Leopard. (now i have just gotten my leopard install working, so maybe i just havent looked hard enough) I have found that you can tie certain apps to certain spaces, that's good and all, but not exactly what i want. Is there any way i can do what i want?
  10. can't boot after 10.5.1 update

    worked like a charm! thanks for that, i'm now running a fully working 10.5.1 system, the only minor thing is in about this mac, it says i have a core 2 solo, it's realy a core 2 duo.... and it only shows i have one core, and one processor...how to fix?
  11. Who is Waiting For UPHUCK iATKOS?

    oh man, that would be the best pack ever! but really, it would be so much easier to install if it came out, i wish JaS was still around... unless i can't get it working myself (im sooo close) i may just use iATKOS, whenever it comes out
  12. i used time machine to restore my disk to the backup i made right after i got everything working 100% (i've since broke my install...sad) i booted into the dvd, and restored the backup, now i can't boot back into my hard drive where Leopard was installed/restored to. is there something that i forgot to do to restore the disk and still boot?
  13. can't boot after 10.5.1 update

    thankyou, you saved me an unknown ammount of time spent rebooting and waiting for the dvd to load. that returns me to my original question though, how to fix this?
  14. can't boot after 10.5.1 update

    i did when i first installed leopard, i havent done it since, does updating put them back? after i finish some of my work i'll boot into the dvd, and see if they are there, and delete/replace them if they are.
  15. After a few days of trying, i finally got Leopard installed and running on my computer. Took another day or so before i was able to get sound, network, time machine, and display working too, but i got there. i tried updating to 10.5.1, and now i can't boot into Leopard. booting with -v gives this: i've tried all the different methods of booting up: -legacy, -v, -x, -s, and still no luck. i used i_am...me's guide to install 10.5 with pc_efi_v8 and the ToH RC2 dvd. any help would be lovely, thanks in advance