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  1. I wish to thank InsanelyMac.com and the OSX86 project. Without this project I would've never found a better OS alternative to Windows. I started out this time last year building my first OSX86 box and participating in these forums. Since then I bragged to others about OSX. My parents bought a iMac this past February and my co-worker bought a MAC Pro last month. Today I just received my first MAC Pro 8 core. If Apple wonders how this project impacts their business, this is my testimonial that this project can help. Especially people like me that need a little more encouragement to switch. Here's to a new life with better computing. Thanks InsanelyMac!
  2. I need some help with this error. I used ToH DVD RC2 to install Leopard after I followed your guide.
  3. I've tried a few times and cannot get Premiere Pro CS3 to install on Leopard (hackintosh). Has anyone been able to get it to install? Also, Version Cue server fails to install...
  4. Need info from hack users

    Check my sig
  5. Would LOVE to see a new ToH DVD with new bootloader when 10.5.1 is released. Good news!
  6. Adobe CS3 in Leopard

    I've tried a few different SMBIOS files. The only one that kinda works is the one that's in a ToH zip file somewhere. When I use that kext, none of the interface icons show up in Dreamweaver. All the buttons like refresh, upload, sync and toolbar icons, none of them show up. Any ideas??
  7. Adobe CS3 in Leopard

    schut, I'm in the same boat. I've tried a few different SMBIOS files with no luck.
  8. Sabr, I don't see the OSX86 sections under the Homebrew Mac section
  9. Has anyone got CS3 working on this? I tried two different ways. I tried CS3 on a fresh install of ToH and I tired ToH as an upgrade from mac.nub's 10.4.10 DVD. When I try to open Photoshop under the ToH upgrade path it loads then shuts down immediately. On the fresh install Photoshop would not even open at all. It acts like we need a new SMBIOS again...
  10. The FIXBOOT patch is not working either for me. I have to leave the Leo DVD in the drive to boot.
  11. Installing Leopard

    I have to keep applying this this fix every time I reboot. If I leave the Leo DVD in the drive it will boot.
  12. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    Will there be a Leopard version? This is not working in Leopard for me yet.
  13. Financial app that downloads bank data?

    When I used MS Money I like its ability to download bank data and adjust the register on its own. To manaully enter what I spend during the week would take too long and bore me to death. Oh... good one shakaru.
  14. I'm looking for an app like MS Money that integrates with my bank data. I love Cha-Ching, but I'm really looking for something that will auto download my bank data. Any ideas?