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chain0 chain boot error


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i've searched the forums but i really havent found any formal solutions to fix the chain boot error message tha comes up in some of the tutorials like the profit42.com and andrewescobar.com tutorials


i've seen people talk about how they use ubuntu live cd to change the partition type,but i have no idea what that is.


is there any way to fix the problem without having to download anything? if there isnt, whats the easiest way to fix it?? cause ive been stuck on this for hours.

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hey ive had a similar problem

i cant boot from grub or using the chain booter

in grub i get like an unsupported executable format error, chain boot error from winxp chain0

i used the vmware image dd'ed to a partition. i didnt make the partition with diskpart but i used paragon hd manager to set the type to AF and it still wont boot! what should i do next?

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well i partially fixed my problem. i had changed my partition type to AF after dding the image but i dont think that affected it. however installing darwin on the AF partition worked! so i decided to restore macosx to my darwin partition using vmware. this works well, however i get a file missing error at the end of the restore and when i boot, i get the you need to restart your computer error. safe mode fails as well but silently, mouse moves but nothing happens. using verbose regular mode i found it crashes right after it says displaying vram[c000-00000] or whatever right before you would normally see the mouse and blue background pop up.


any ideas on what's gone wrong in the restoration process (NOTE I moved TPCMACPI.kext to trash for boot but then put it back for restore so thats not whats missing)

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well i still have no idea what went wrong with restore! however i did delete some extensions in single user mode to fix my graphics problem.

Safe mode remains the same blue screen and mouse.

regular mode gets past gray startup screen but does nothing after showing the mouse and the macosx progressbar.

it never says starting macosx and the bar always stays empty and nothing happens. In both safe and regular mode you can move the mouse around but besides that its pretty useless.


edit -- booted into single user mode and started system with sh /etc/rc and i get netinfod errors:

1) file_init failed 2) ni_init failed 3) start_service error 4) then it exits for a sec and tries and fails again.....

also memberd cant find the root user.

these errors dont make sense to me because the filesystem is already mounted and you are logged in as root at this point. anyways i suppose that this might be happening behind the scenes at the frozen startup dialog with the apple logo

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well, I have an sse3 processor so I used maxxus's 0.5c patch to repatch my system for sse3 suppport because Im using deadmoo's image. However I dont know how to replace mach_kernel or whatever to the old version.

BTW- fixing it using the patch allows me to get past the loading dialog to the login dialog, but i can't login and Ive tried everything (and yes i know deadmoo's password is bovinity!) so im worried that this is related to the netinfod errors

any thoughts???


edit - found mach_kernel.old and replaced mach_kernel with that and now I can't even start osx fully! using verbose mode i get apple acpi errors and platform=x86pc fails as well.

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ok well I have fixed the kernel problem by using the old sse2 one however i think that now when i boot the unpatched one it reverts to the see2 kernel becuase it is saved as /mach_kernel

in any case i cant login from the gui or in single user mode when i run login.

typing passwd by itself yields su: who are you? and trying to change root's or curtis's password always yields sorry (cant change them).


edit - dled original kernel, replaced it and it works but I still cant log in


edit edit - ya i fixed it, had to remove /var/db/netinfo/local.nidb

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i have that chain loader error too. I've tried everything....easyBCD, acronis OS selector...i even messed with that bcdedit and did every successful...my osx partition is indeed primary and it is type AF! I have the boot menu set but when I choose OSX...i get that Chain loader error!


please help, I'm trying to solve this problem 3 days now!



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chainboot error = no mac partition found, you can fix that from windows commandline with



DISKPART> detail part


Partition 3

Typ : 07

Versteckt: Nein

Aktiv : Nein

Offset in Byte: 32256


Volume ### Bst Bezeichnung DS Typ Größe Status Info

---------- --- ----------- ----- ---------- ------- --------- --------

* Volume 1 Snow Leopar HFS P Partition 100 GB Fehlerfre




Die Partitions-ID wurde erfolgreich festgelegt.


ID=07 means the partition is flagged as NFTS.

select the mac volume and set the ID to AF (AppleFileSystem). problem fixed.

The chainboot error applies typical for restored backups.



i tried to dual boot with hack attack guide and when all seem to be fine, i choose mac os x in the boot and i get a message that say "chain boot error" :(:):):):P:wacko:


what did i do wrong?

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