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  1. lu0s3r322

    Bugs of 10.5

    i think many people have this but i dont know if it's a bug or not when i start up leopard i have the downloads folder in the dock and its a folder with an arrow on it i download something, use it, then drag it out of the folder. then the downloads folder is just an arrow in the dock, the folder behind it has disappeared. is it supposed to be this way because why isnt there just an arrow right when it starts up?
  2. thanks, thats what i thought of doing, but after a little bit of waiting....and waiting...and waiting....it booted from the cd! very weird. i need a mac :-p
  3. ok so i have two HD's and one is split into two partitions one of which has OS X on it. The other partition is just for extra windows storage. The first HD had xp on it but i accidentally deleted in when i tried to install vista. i had acronis os selector installed but now it isn't working. luckily i have everything from windows backed up. i cannot boot from a CD unless acronis is working. help! i dont have a floppy either. Specs: Dell 4600 Pentium 4 2.8 GHz 1.5 GB Ram nVidia GeForce 6200 80GB HD & 160GB HD Primary Drive: Dvd-Rom 2nd drive: Memorex DVD-RW, which i cannot boot from somehow
  4. i could sell mine if you want. it's got some lint on it from the times i put i in my pocket but everything else is fine. PM me.
  5. i followed all the directions and it still doesnt work. everything went well but when i tried cmd+esc it didnt work. its not in keyboard shortcuts either. i think its bc i entered one of my IDs wrong. how do u enter 0x024d? i cant type x0 only x24d
  6. lu0s3r322

    System sound but no Itunes or Quicktime sound

    yeah same too but i have 10.4.5 patched the thing is, i tried a different patched version and it worked before but no internet. now with this install i have internet but no itunes sound
  7. i installed '06 and i have a nvidia 6200
  8. my native 10.4.5 installation is working pretty well for the most part. except that dashboard, iPhoto slideshows, iMovie, iDvd, and garageband are slow. safari, ichat, mail, etc. all work great and very fast. how can i fix this?
  9. i cant get my native install internet connection to work with my netgear wgr614 and i know its a pretty popular model. in network setup i can only choose built-in serial. ive tried the tulip drivers but they dont work. anyone know how to solve this? would reinstalling help?
  10. i used the a generic dvd install and when i started it up it stated that my partition isnt able to install mac osx on it. i went to the disk utility and it saw the partition format was Mac OS X Extended(Journaled). i dont know what to do
  11. lu0s3r322

    chain0 chain boot error

    thnx zagor, but in PartitionMagic 8 it says the partition is 'Type AF'
  12. lu0s3r322

    chain0 chain boot error

    i've searched the forums but i really havent found any formal solutions to fix the chain boot error message tha comes up in some of the tutorials like the profit42.com and andrewescobar.com tutorials i've seen people talk about how they use ubuntu live cd to change the partition type,but i have no idea what that is. is there any way to fix the problem without having to download anything? if there isnt, whats the easiest way to fix it?? cause ive been stuck on this for hours.
  13. i used the generic install dvd and i got to the startup and used the disk utility to split my emptied 160GB hard drive into 2 partitions. then an error message came up that said something like error with disk management or something and i clicked quit but it asked me if i still wanted to continue because it was creating the partition map so i clicked ok. and right now its at the utility and theres a bar that says 'Creating Partition Map' and a loading bar like this: http://photobucket.com/albums/b265/lu0s3r3...nt=DSCN0001.jpg is it running ok? cause i dont really know. its been loading for about 15 minutes. could there have been stuff i didnt delete from the HD cause i used it before.