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  1. Mac OS X guest unlocker for VMware

    I did use a retail disc, but it was an upgrade disc for snow leopard. Maybe I'll try using a 10.6.3 disc if I come across one. For the record, I switched my existing install to boot using EFI without the preconfigured donk's darwin.iso image and it works fine.
  2. Mac OS X guest unlocker for VMware

    I used 10.6.0 build 10A432 from an iso image and from a disc as well. The disc version did not show the circle with a line through it, it just hung with the spinning circle forever. I tried a Leopard install disc which appeared to work correctly. In the end, I switched to the bios + darwin.iso trick and was able to install with the physical disc since the iso image was not detected. Would the EFI based install have worked with a newer install disc? Is there any easy way to upgrade my current install disc to such a version?
  3. Mac OS X guest unlocker for VMware

    I get an error. The gui indicates a circle with a line through it after the apple icon with the progress circle has shown. Changing the com.apple.boot.plist in the install dvd iso (hex edited) to verbose boot (since you can't send the key commands to trigger verbose without going into the vmware efi menu) I saw that I was getting a still waiting for root device failure. Changing the console options configuration to cpus=1 -f also did not work. I have a core i5 with ati radeon 5270 mobility. Running VMware workstation v 7.1.3 build 324285 patched with the unlocker tool. I tried SCSI and IDE hard disks and cd drives and server 10.5, 10.6 32 and 64 bit configurations. Anyone have any tips?
  4. vaio internal sreen edid problem link

    I'm still hoping to see some progress with this. Maybe if we revive interest in it some work can get done. I think graphics driver support is necessary to get snow leopard working on VAIOs (but I could be wrong, let me know if you have it working). Here is my log from softMCCS: 17:23:12.55937...Found device on NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GT 17:23:12.55938...Monitor ID = NVD Nvidia Defaul 17:23:12.55939...Raw EDID = 00FFFFFFFFFFFF003AC40002000000002D0C010380201400EAA8E099574B92251C50540000000101 01010101010101010101010101019525A04051840C304030330042C910000018000000FC004E76696 469612044656661756C000000FC007420466C61742050616E656C00000000FD00003D1D370A000020 20202020000039 17:23:12.7183A...Error: failed to obtain capabilities string from driver 17:23:12.8293B...Error: failed to obtain capabilities string length from OS 17:23:13.0833C...Error: failed to obtain capabilities string from driver 17:23:13.1953D...Error: failed to obtain capabilities string length from OS 17:23:13.5533E...Error: failed to obtain capabilities string from driver 17:23:13.6653F...Error: failed to obtain capabilities string length from OS 17:23:14.12540...Error: failed to obtain capabilities string from driver 17:23:14.23641...Error: failed to obtain capabilities string length from OS 17:23:14.23642...NVD0200 on NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GT does not respond to DDC/CI 17:23:14.23643...******************************************* 17:23:14.23744...Software monitor enumeration 17:23:14.23745...Monitor #1: NVD Nvidia Defaul Is there a way we can create a patched DSDT to work around this problem. If the driver is recognizing the external display but switching to external, maybe we could hide the external display support.
  5. vaio internal sreen edid problem link

    Looks like a good start, but we need to update it with the work that others have already done: adding important ACPI commands like SODV (switch output device) and GDDI (get desktop display interface?). Maybe try something like with no external screen plugged in, execute the command to send SODV '1' or whatever is necessary to switch to internal display. This could be accomplished remotely or with some kind time delayed script. Also, does anyone know what clicking Detect Monitors in the system preferences does? Maybe we need to send the command, and then allow the computer to update what interfaces it sees as available. Finally, will we also need to change the EDID for the internal LCD?
  6. DSDT Patcher

    Hey, I have a VAIO laptop and I was following the driver development forum for a long time. When I found out that driver support could be added for the video card and maybe even function buttons I got excited. I booted into knoppix and dumped my DSDT table, but I couldn't compile the disassembler since I didn't have bison or an internet connection. So I'll just post a binary of the DSDT table from my VAIO laptop, and hopefully someone can look at it and fix up the internal display. Edit: Having trouble adding it as an attachment so here is a rs link: http://rapidshare.com/files/222744294/DSDT.aml thx guys
  7. So the mysterious man who posted a video of his beta iphone and tried to sell it on eBay has now posted the beta software. Links: http://www.engadget.com/2009/03/10/iphone-...caught-on-video http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=627449
  8. Geforce 8400M GT

    i have the same problems. I think there is a problem with the driver finding the lcd connector. The same issue is discussed here. If we could get the source to the nvidia drivers, it could probably be fixed, or we could try to hack the binary. I'm not sure if nvinject could affect the detection of the screens in this way either.
  9. Great work, jalavoui! I also have a 4965 card on leopard. I installed build 1010, and tried to use the network selector to scan/refresh/power off the card but it didn't do anything. Unloading the kext crashed the pc. Attached is the system.log from after loading the kext. It kept returning messages about my bssid, and signal strength, but i built the debug version, not the release (if there is one). system.log.txt
  10. Apple TV take 2 runs on a mac

    one of the times i tried to install it, front row was running, but the install still didn't work even after i closed it. you should save your script so that it can viewed/changed (applescript tells me it can't be viewed and appears to be compiled/binary format). Also, it might help if the downloaded file could be saved/specified on start so it doesn't have to be re-downloaded if there's a problem.
  11. Apple TV take 2 runs on a mac

    This doesn't work for me. I'm running 10.4.11 with Xcode 2.5 installed (with command line utilities). Every time I run Front Row it's the same (regular default), unless there's something special I need to do to run apple tv. Here's the program output: ATV4mac Installer v1.4 Created by skr3dii - macgeekblog.com Downloading Apple TV Take 2 update... Please wait... Downloading 168 MB... Download succeeded! Checksumming Driver Descriptor Map (DDM : 0)... Driver Descriptor Map (DDM : 0): verified CRC32 $63E63FD4 Checksumming Apple (Apple_partition_map : 1)... Apple (Apple_partition_map : 1): verified CRC32 $B9F8A667 Checksumming disk image (Apple_HFS : 2)... disk image (Apple_HFS : 2): verified CRC32 $F0D03479 Checksumming (Apple_Free : 3)... (Apple_Free : 3): verified CRC32 $00000000 verified CRC32 $3FE83895 /dev/disk4 Apple_partition_scheme /dev/disk4s1 Apple_partition_map /dev/disk4s2 Apple_HFS /Volumes/OSBoot Extracting required files... Please wait... "disk4s2" unmounted successfully. Patching files... Please wait... Assembling Front Row.app... Decrypting... warning: --arch option not supported in this gdb. Reading symbols for shared libraries ..............unable to load symbol file: Premature end of file reading symbol table ........ done Reading symbols for shared libraries unable to load symbol file: Premature end of file reading symbol table . done Breakpoint 1 at 0x1f41f8 Program received signal EXC_BAD_ACCESS, Could not access memory. Reason: 10 at address: 0x0137a000 0x8fe110b2 in __dyld__ZN16ImageLoaderMachO8doRebaseERKN11ImageLoader11LinkContextE () 11928+0 records in 11928+0 records out 6107136 bytes transferred in 0.337337 secs (18103973 bytes/sec) 1+0 records in 1+0 records out 1 bytes transferred in 0.011058 secs (90 bytes/sec) Patching... 27+0 records in 27+0 records out 27 bytes transferred in 0.000673 secs (40130 bytes/sec) 15+0 records in 15+0 records out 15 bytes transferred in 0.032135 secs (467 bytes/sec) Fixing permissions... Installing atv4mac... Installing plugins... Installing Quit menu plugin... cp: /System/Library/CoreServices/Front Row.app/Contents/PlugIns/Quit.frappliance: No such file or directory Installing ATVFiles plugin... cp: /System/Library/CoreServices/Front Row.app/Contents/PlugIns/ATVFiles.frappliance: No such file or directory Installing Couch Surfer plugin... cp: /System/Library/CoreServices/Front Row.app/Contents/PlugIns/CouchSurfer.frappliance: No such file or directory All done! Please reboot! ATV4mac installation successful!
  12. Hey, I have a 5.5G ipod and want to know if any one has figured out the hacks for 1.2.3 (games, sound cap). I was running altered firmware before, but I'm not sure if it uncapped my sound level or not. Any help would be appreciated. Also, hex offsets would also be helpful for different versions/patches along with the original and altered bytes. Edit: I guess the sound cap is only on European ipods. As for the games and bckground hacks, there don't appear to be any yet for 1.2.3.
  13. Ok, I fixed my sound by erasing AppleHDA and azaliaaudio again and using the tiger 1.16 patcher on a 10.4.9 AppleHDA kext. Unfortunately, I still can't seem to get my ethernet (Marvell 88e8055) working...
  14. Darnott: my device id is 104d9016 (hi def audio controller). I have tried 1.16 and 1.17 with my audio dump w/ out success. Unforuntately the link to 1.15 is down and I'm pretty sure I have the kext from 10.4.9. Maybe you could send me some links...
  15. 8600 GT Timescale

    I second support for the 8400 (GT). Will this have to be ported or would it work with emulated EFI?