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AMD - kernel_task Issue

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I have had an issue with my AMD Hackintosh (specs in the sig) since the first time I installed JaS 10.4.8: kernel_task is always at 20%.


I never could find any information about this issue, as most of the time kernel_task is at nearly 100% and it is due to settings in the BIOS like dynamic overclocking, or a poorly clocked processor. I tried messing with everything I could think of to no avail: kernel_task stayed at 20%.


Recently I updated with every security update available, and in the process switched my boot flag to -v so as to better watch for errors during boot.


One thing that I noticed that never caught my eye before was this:


ACPI: Button driver prevents system sleep.


My system also hadn't been sleeping quite properly, it would shut down the hard drives and network connections but that was about it. So I decided to give a shot at fixing that.


I dug around in AppleACPIPlatform.kext and found the culprit: AppleACPIButtons.kext


To get rid of this little guy, do the following in single user mode:


cd /System/Library/Extensions/AppleACPIPlatform.kext/Contents/PlugIns/

mv AppleACPIButtons.kext AppleACPIButtons.kext.bak

cd /System/Library/

rm Extensions.kextcache

rm Extensions.mcache



My OS X is now purring along even smoother, sleep works very well now, and as a semi-random side-effect, kernel_task stays at a meek 2%.

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Let me add some confusion to this:


I've been playing around with ApplePS2Controller.kext, both the version installed from my install CD (in the sig) and a couple versions I have found on here.


I always keep a PS2 keyboard plugged in because my BIOS hates USB keyboards, they will work perhaps 20% of the time.




ApplePS2Controller.kext installed, keyboard plugged in: kernel_task is constantly at ~20% CPU.


ApplePS2Controller.kext removed, keyboard plugged in: kernel_task is constantly at ~1-2% CPU.




I don't personally need my PS2 keyboard working in X, I hate the thing and it pales in comparison to my age-old MacAlly iKey from days long past...which is the best keyboard that I've ever owned.


That said, I do have a friend who will have a similar hardware setup to mine who really wants his PS2 keyboard working in OSx86, so I am going to continue looking for a fix.


Any ideas?

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I have an AMD desktop with 10.6.6 that's running kernel_task at around 15%, and deleting the AppleACPIButtons.kext didn't do anything for me.

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I have an AMD desktop that has the error message at bootup: "ACPI: Button Driver prevents system sleep"


I deleted AppleACPIButtons.kext from within the AppleACPIPlatform kext, and the system became unable to fully boot. I had to put it back.


Anyone know of anything else to try, or how I might have gone wrong?

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