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My Suggestions

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We need at least 4 committed members to document both this board and at IRC. That would mean at least 2 hrs per week per member. As an incentive, maybe give them hosting space. Of course they will have to provide there own domains. Designate an Editor to put the documents together at the end of the week.


- 2 Board Documentors

- 2 IRC Documents


The ring:


This is where members can duke it out, vent, curse. Nothing is moderated here unless it breaks local, national, int'l laws, and board rules such as racism, sexist remarks, ect. The point of this forum is that no trash get mixed up with the rest of the forum.




This pretty much self explanatory. All images will be moderated so it don't beak copy right laws. Most gallery scripts can be integrated to IPB, including the member database so they don't have to register here and the gallery.


Tools of the Trade:


The tools might already be posted in the wiki, but lets face it, they are scattered everywhere in the wiki. Maybe just add "Tools of the Trade" pages in the wiki and make it easy to find?




We need lots of brew! And a funnel of course ;)

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Domino -

Thanks for your suggestions! A few questions:


What would the roles of the Board Documenter's be? What would they document that's not already here?


Is the ring needed when we have Thunderdome?


What tools of the trade are you speaking of? What forum would these go under?


Oh, and by the way, I would encourage everyone to examine our new revised forum structure that we'll be rolling out this week. It's in this forum in the organization thread. Thanks!

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(My opinion based on Domino's post:)


I think what the Board/IRC documenters would do is go through the posts and IRC logs and organize the idea's that are tried and if they worked or not into one or two coherent posts.


The thunderdome might work, but thats more of a "general "not about osx86" chat" as opposed to a venting room (Maybe call it "Boxing Ring") where members could go and rant about whatever's bothering them(Perhaps a blog feature of IPB would work)


Tools of the trade would be what programs are used, like TransMac or PearPC and all those things, it could be a pinned topic under Applications.

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What would the roles of the Board Documenter's be? What would they document that's not already here?


Well, they have to pretty much sift through the the posts and see which post can be usefull to members. The original poster might have the responsabilty to report his/her post to the documentors just as a heads up.


I agree that there are alot of information already here, the wiki, and everywhere. I guess, what i'm saying is that at this pace, the information from the board, wiki, and IRC need to be consolidated and some form that new and old members can use. Much like a KB i suppose.


Is the ring needed when we have Thunderdome?


Can you fight and {censored} at other members in the the Thunderdome? If so then I geuss that forum can be used and mix with other non-related posts. I have been through LOTS of rounds in a boxing rink with other members. But the cat/dog fight doesn't leave that fourm.


What tools of the trade are you speaking of? What forum would these go under?


I think AppleLegal pretty much summed it up. I guess the thread can be like, Dev Tools used in win32, nix and Mac. I now work about 75% under Linux, so I would love to see some "proven tools" to hex edit an ISO in Linux. I actaully had to reinstall windows just to be able to hex edit the converted ISO :).

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Hi, @all,


Domino, I like your idea very much.


1. because it definately makes sense to make plans for the near future. This won't be the last update/release

of OSX, and we all know, that we *might* have to start all over from the very beginning with ervery new built of

OSX. So why not prepare and organize now for the upcoming things?


It would be very efficiant to synchronize discussions from various points, and to update them. Especially if it

gets to the weird coding stuff. And I like the community sense, (and the beer ;)) because why not having fun

and work efficiant at one time. ;)


One point we have to figure out is the legal thing. The main thing is the coding itself, and the discussion about

how to get around some nasty bridges. Atm we see, that it will not be easy to have it all under one roof, because

of that digital millennium act thing. So we have to find a solution for this.


(btw. I only started the thread at win2osx so fast, because I immediately wanted to make a smoot transition.

We all know that threads can die pretty fast, If everybody is thinking "nah, not me, someone else will do" and

then nothing happens.)


A discussion on irc is a must, but we also need a 0-legit thread. @ Mashugly, is there maybe a way

for you or the boardteam to make a tiny cooperation with another board that ensures, that the people wont

spread away, but have a place to discuss the "x-rated" hacking stuff?




Also a very nice idea. I is very important, (especially for folks like me that are not so much into that) to find the

fitting hexeditor for the iso, or to have the last ultraiso, vmware, dtools avaiable. ALSO for synchronisation. We just

saw the difference, if maxxuss is using vmware 5.0 and JaS is down with 5.5. very confusing.





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