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still waiting for root device


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Hello I have mac osx setup for dual boot on a partition and when i startup osk from the boot selector it just stays at the grey screen with the apple logo and the cool spinney thing then a circle with a \ comes up so i decided to start osx with -v and i found the problem it says "STILL WAITING FOR ROOT DEVICE"
what do i do to fiix this???????????????//////////???/??/?


some notes

  • I installed with Deadmoos image
  • my computer hardware is:
  • nvidia geforce fx 5200
  • intel celeron D with sse3
  • maxtor 300 gig hard drive
  • aopen mobo
  • 512 ram
  • Dual boot

I do apreciate the help


Thank you

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chipset, no chip set.


Is the manufactorer of the North bridge and South bridge chips.


Main chipset manufacturers are Intel, Nvidia, VIA, SIS, ATI, ULI (before was ALI).


For example MSI, ABIT and ASUS motherboards are based on Intel, Nvidia, and VIA chipsets.

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Well, I think for about $5 to $10 more, you could have gotten an Intel 915 (GMA900) chipset that works nearly 100%


Still, it is not too late to buy a $55 complete mobo (see $199 thread) and use your socket 775 Celeron D


Your Mobo:




項目符號 Intel LGA775 CPU

項目符號 Socket 775

項目符號 800MHz



項目符號 SiS 661FX

項目符號 SIS 964

Super I/O


項目符號 ITE

Clock Gen.


項目符號 ICS

Main Memory


項目符號 Support : DDR400 [PC3200]

項目符號 DDR DIMM x 2

項目符號 DIMM Type : 128/256/512MB & 1GB

項目符號 Max Memory : 2GB



項目符號 Integrated VGA Engine in chipset

項目符號 8X AGP slot



項目符號 Integrated ATA133 and Serial ATA Controller

項目符號 Max Disk : 144,000,000GB [by 48 bits LBA Spec.]



項目符號 Realtek PHY



項目符號 Realtek AC'97 CODEC on-board

項目符號 5.1 Channel



項目符號 Integrated in chipset

項目符號 USB2.0 x 8



項目符號 AGP x 1

項目符號 PCI x 3

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so what you are telling me is that it is not possible for me to have dual boot on my pc at all :( damn if thats true i would be pissed grr vmware is to slow, only realson im doing this is because i am a mac addict with no money, i have an old imac with panther on it and it is a bit slow but not to bad but it cant play games very well and i do have games for my mac but it woulda been a dream come true for this to work , i am buying a new pc soon for media and high end gaming however its not gonna be a mac for a few reasons (i am a gamer) is there any possible way to get this to work ive been waiting for over 2 weeks for osx and i dono its now getting me a bit agervaited once you said your chipset is not fully supported...

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Not to be an ass but you should have read the Wiki and used the search engine on here before even trying it.


Sorry that its cost you so much time but you definitely need to read the info first.


Also, running games on OS X x86 is not something that is officially supported either. Most games refuse to start even with Quartz Extreme and Core Image ... basically inferring that OpenGL support doesn't mean that you'll be able to game.


It seems like your main interest is gaming. Stick to Windows. It will serve you much better on that aspect. I don't see that changing any time soon.

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i did read and i thought i was good i checked evreything but my chipset


my main intrest is not gaming it is the ablility to run mac osx on my pc because i love it so much


still is there anything i can do to get it running even with minor errors

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I know this is ages ago, but pwn, i have the msi 661fx motherboard, and i gave up trying to get 10.4.4 working on it as the chipset that controls the ide is not supported. Now what i dont get is that 10.4.1 (deadmoo image) does work on it, (not all the great i may add) but it just makes me think, if i could find out which kext is loaded (possibly a generic one) that allows the 10.4.1 image to boot, possibly there may be hope yet to get it running, trying to kextload the same driver as 10.4.1.... But yeh, i dunno...



I just went out and bought a Ga-848p (intel chipset) board, works geat. Wouldnt mind getting my msi board up and running for a second comp on macosx as i do lots of video editing.

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The answer to the "waiting for boot device" :


Put the hard disk on primary ide port with master jumper on

Put the DVD/CD on primary ide port also with slave jumper on

and then it goes on installing (slowly)....


there it is

works with OSX86 10.4.6 hotiso image

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