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  1. Rebuilding dvd with more drivers?

    yeh i know that 10.4.6 is out, however there are a few things i would like to customize just for me, i know people know how to do it, because there have been patched dvds released. Please someone give me some help
  2. no offence, but you havent read the forums very well, as its how i found out how to edit mine. Open up the atiradeon9700.kext open info.plist in textedit scroll down till you find a section where the vendor and device ids are (it will be something like 0x41531002 <- this is just an example) add the id of your video card, which acroding to your info up the top is 0x4e451002. Save the info.plist to your desktop, then drag and replace the old one in the atiradeon9700.kext. Press authenticate, type password. Then go into terminal and type; sudo -s (then enter your password) chmod -R 755 /System/Extensions/ATIRadeon9700.kext chown -R root:wheel /System/Extensions/ATIRadeon9700.kext kextload /System/Extensions/ATIRadeon9700.kext restart hope that helps, next time search a little hard rhodar
  3. Rebuilding dvd with more drivers?

    does anyone have any info they can give us?
  4. First of all, i have no idea if this has already been posted before, if it has, i appologise. Anyway. I wanted to know if it is possible to incorporate more drivers to an already patched dvd. Basically i want to make a dvd which all i need to do is install it on my computer (my brothers, and my stepdads too) without having to stuff around with drivers and what not. Exactly what i want = 10.4.5 dvd: -option in installer to enable amd support, instead of typing in the commands after installing (i use this dvd on both amd and p4) -option in installer to install drivers for belkin wireless lan (already have the driver) my gigabyte marvell yulkon lan (got driver) rhine II driver (got that too), and the macvidia driver -want the atiradeon9700.kext to already include the dev and ven id after installation (or if omni releases his driver, i want that included) So far i havent had to much trouble getting things working on macosx, i just thought if someone could shed some light on how to make a custom installer, it would help me and possibly a fair few others. If anyone could give me instructions or even point me in the right direction, it will be greatly appreciated thanks in advance Rhodar
  5. Needing help concerning my video card

    sound slike you havent added your device and vedor id to your driver info.plist. (must have an ati radeon or greater)Search the forums, you should find your answer. By doing this you will enable quartz extreme, coreimage. btw native resolution changing is not yet available (other than on the GMA900 graphics cards) you can however change the resolution by editing the "com.apple.boot.plist", also search the forums for this Hope that helps
  6. Hey I am trying to help someone install macosx on their computer (as mine works pretty much perfectly) and they have a wireless usb network card (the belkin 7050). I have gotten this to work, with the help of the RT71W driver from the ralink website. It woked straight after restarting after installing the driver. However if i restart again, the driver becomes uninstalled. Even if i try a kextload, after saying it was sucessfull and i restart my computer, it still doesnt work. The only way to keep it working is to install using .pkg file before restarting. Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this???.. im stumped Rhodar
  7. Belkin Wireless G USB F5D7050 V3000

    it works for me too, though for some strange reason, everytime i restart i must reinstall the drivers, for it to work next time i log on, any ideas?
  8. iLife 06 in 10.4.1?

    there is a little trick i used once, i had a currupt .dmg file, i was just stuffing around with it, quite frustrated actually, but i renamed the file so it believed itself to be a .app file (in the get info screen) then i dragged this file into stuffit expander, and it created me a new .dmg file, which worked perfectly... Not sure if it will work for you... but if it does dont ask me why or how it worked because i honestly dont know. ....strange... but yeh, give it a go
  9. Application Launch Problem

    i have 10.4.4 and works like a charm, i know that its not the latest version, but it downloaded quite quickly for me. You will definatly not find it at demonoid
  10. Application Launch Problem

    if you have a look at that wiki page, you should be able to get itunes working and other programs quite quickly, but for sure, the 10.4.6 should be heaps better... im only with 10.4.4 (but i am happy with it for the time being)
  11. iLife 06 in 10.4.1?

    if you cant mount the dmg file, its likely it is currupt....
  12. Powerbook M9689LL/A

    Can you give specs of the powerbook. I personally dont know the specs of M9689LL/A of the top of my head. So i cant help you until then
  13. First of all have you got a sis chipset? Because you can run into problems with macosx not detecting your hdd if you do. If you dont you should be fine. I have written a post before explaining how i got aorund this. Its not to hard. Youll need to download a cd off the net called, hirens boot cd for more info look at the post i made in this thread ----> http://forum.osx86project.org/index.php?sh...15110&hl=rhodar look at the post 6th down on that page Hope this helps Rhodar
  14. Runs Too Fast

    Just to make it easier go to "midi setup" or whatever its called in utilities, you should be able to find the place to change the bitrate