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MSI B250 Krait Gaming - Intel i7-7700 - Opencore working config


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I'd like to share my Opencore configuration. In my opinion it can be considered as 100% working, but let me know if you find any problems. 

This setup will use the internal GPU, the only part that may still give you problems is the secondary monitor.


macOS Version: Ventura 13.6.1

Model: iMac 18,1
CPU: i7-7700 (displayed as i5)

RAM: 2x DDR3 Kingston HyperX Fury 8GB

GPU: internal - Intel HD Graphics 630

Storage: M.2 SSD (Western digital)

Audio: Internal - Realtek ALC892 - rear and front panel connections working

Ethernet: Intel I219-V - Working (IntelMausi.kext)


WiFi and Bluetooth: original Apple Airport card (chipset: BCM94360CS2): you can find many of them on ebay

An Apple airport PCI express internal adapter must be used to install the Airport card.

This will enable both connections natively.


USB Mapping: kext included, all ports configured


Resources must be copied from the second archive into your EFI/OC folder (it's ready to copy). It will show up the OpenCore GUI on boot.



1. This configuration doesn't need you to power cycle the monitor on login!
2. Waking up from sleep worked only once

3. Check the resolution of the OpenCore boot menu, it's probably different in your system

4. You must follow these instructions to generate your hardware serial identifiers (remember to select iMac18,1 as model name!)

5. I've used the same setup with an external GPU (Radeon RX480), you can try with this config, but remember to change the model name to 18,2 or 18,3 - some info here


Opencore configurator is highly recommended: download

Dont' forget to let me know if this configuration helped you, it required a lot of time to tune everything 🙂
Good luck!

MSI B250 Krait Gaming - Bios.zip

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