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HP Probook 640 G4 help

Shibby Shaggy

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Hello, searched quite a bit for EFI and opencore config.plist for the laptop on the net and couldn't find a solution for OC. I think my display parameters are not right. This laptop does not have a GPU. 

The other issue is this BIOS doesn't have CFGlock options. I tried CFGlock.EFI and can't set to unlock. 


I'm a little confused also as to what SMBIOS hardware i should use. too many posts.  everyone has different configurations which makes no sense to me. Should it be iMac18,1 or18,3?


trying Sierra, High Sierra, Catalina and big sur. none of them booted to mac logo for installation. I also think Voodoo mouse/Touch pad also an issue. way to many posts on what to use when it comes to kext and touchpad/I2C devices. 


code name: Kaby Lake R

CPU: i5-8250U @ 1.60Ghz

Display: Intel UHD Graphics 620 Device Id: 0x5917



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Hello Allan, that's the thing. There are so many posts on OC and HP Probook laptops with the same CPU, and some ppl have it working one way, others have it another way. When i do a search for any EFI or config.plist for HP Probook 640 G4, no one has this. I found one guy on youtube (same laptop) but he used Clover. I have his EFI as well but even when i tried to convert Clover EFI setup to OpenCore, didn't work. It always hangs after the Voodoo trackpad or mouse and i never get the apple logo.  I also think the youtube one, he used a MAC to build his clover install. I have no MAC OS, so everything is done using Windows. 


Youtube is Russian and doesn't show the install, its a post install video to show clover settings

HP Probook 640 G4 Clover


This other youtube video is showing how to do install OC on any HP laptop but also doesn't work.

How to build OpenCore 0.7.2 on HP All-in-One 24-F0052l (Kaby Lake R) for install macOS Monterey


My goal hopefully is to make a Git post or instruction on how to install MacOS on Probook 640 G4.

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hi yes. the bios is okay since i had OC USB data on it before and was able to get OC menu. perhaps the opencore.efi is no good?



When you do OC USB via Windows method, do you need to format the USB partition for macos to see the 2 files in the com.apple.recovery.boot folder and also create a 2nd partition for EFI folder in FAT32?  could this be the reason why OC hangs and doesn't show the Apple logo when installer starts?


looking at Clover method, guides show to use Boot Disk Utility to extract the hfs from a dmg installer of macOS then create a 200MG FAT32 partition on the same USB. Wondering if OC method is missing this step. 


how did you create your OC USB installation using only Windows OS?


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On 1/14/2023 at 8:47 AM, Jazzoo said:

Hello @Shibby Shaggy. Try this EFI:


EFI.zip 4.28 MB · 0 downloads


Make sure you have the correct BIOS settings. What is the model of your ssd ?


hello, I tried this but it crashed very early on boot. didn't make it to apple logo screen. this EFI was for Coffe Lake/Whiskey Lake. my laptop is Kaby Lake. 


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