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Aorus Z390 Pro: USB 2.0 ports do not work before OS loads if a big USB hub is connected

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Hi all,

This isn't really a Hackintosh specific question but I'm gonna ask here anyway, just to see if people have had similar issues.

I have a pretty weird issue with my Gigabyte Aorus Z390 Pro board. If I have a big USB 3 hub connected to one of the USB 3 ports, specifically a 10-port hub that has 3 hub chips in it, then my 4 rear USB 2.0 ports will not work before an OS loads. This means I cannot enter BIOS settings or boot selector by mashing keys on boot, also cannot select OS in OpenCore boot screen. A 7-port hub (has 2 hub chips) is fine, a 7-port hub connected to a 4-port hub connected to the PC will cause the issue. Once in an OS, all USB ports will start working.
Am I running into some sort of limitation? Anyone has ideas how to fix/workaround this?


Thanks in advance.

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