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Found 42 results

  1. Whether my updated but old installer, a fresh installer or from the hard drive, this is as far as it gets and I simply can't figure it out. That last line is the end of the boot sequence all the time. I might have to swap the Z370 back in (only swapped it because I can't get into the BIOS, it only presents a black screen otherwise it was working fine) Thanks a ton in advance. EDIT: Reinstalled the Z370 and it boots again. I wish I had a lot more time to figure it out.
  2. Salve a tutti ragazzi... siete sempre la mia ancora di salvezza... vorrei chiedervi come fare ad abilitare il wifi della mia scheda madre H77N-WIFI su mountain lion??? Grazie a tutti in anticipo!
  3. Hello i start a new post, i have a problem with my USB 3.0 ports, impossible to mount USB 3.0 key/drive on USB 3.0, but USB 2.0 key/drive can mount on 3.0 ports. I try to follow this guide : http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/306777-guide-usb-fix-el-capitan-1011/ but in 2b. impossible to find XHC1 in my dsdt so impossible to finish the tutorial, but think that only for usb 3.0 INTEL ports. I listen that for some people, genericUSBXHCI.kext work under El Capitan 10.11.3 for repair USB 3.0, for me not. For my smbios i use iMac 14,2 I link my config.plist for Clover, my dsdt, my ioreg and a screen of USB preferences. So if someone can help me for fixing that USB 3.0 ports... Thank you. DSDT.aml.zip iogen.zip config.plist.zip
  4. Hey guys, I have had a z97 pro wifi ac build for about a year now, and it works great, except I cannot get the onboard bluetooth to work. It shows up in my system profiler under USB as "BCM20702A0". When I use a kext named "asusBCM20702A0Bluetooth.kext", the usb gets recognized, but it doesnt pair with my devices (it sees them, but then it says pairing failed). I already deleted the bluetooth plist and restarted. I am on clover, and on yosemite 10.10.5. I have also tried other kexts (bcrmpatchram) but that one doesnt do anything. Does anyone have a z97 on yosemite 10.10.5 with working onboard bluetooth? thanks
  5. Are there any recommended Mini-ITX mainboards with ivy bridge 1155 socket support? Should i get an UEFI board or not? can OS X boot from uefi?
  6. Hello, I am interested in building a Hackintosh using Threadripper. Could you please recommend good motherboard(s)? Is there one that is fully compatible with the Hackintosh?
  7. Hello, I want to build a high-end Hackintosh workstation. CPU is i7-8700K, RAM is G.Skill F4-3200C14Q-64GTZ, GPU is Nvidia EVGA 1080Ti. Between the Asus Prime Z370-A and Strix Z370-E Gaming, which do you recommend? I know the Z370-E Gaming has wifi but it seems that it may not work on the Hackintosh. I may need to order a separate usb wifi dongle. Any advice appreciated. Thanks.
  8. Avevo pensato di acquistare una mobo con anche la porta thunderbolt 2. Ho visto che adesso Apple ha messo nei nuovi MacBook la USB-C che è anche Thunderbolt 3. Non credo che questo tipo di porta sia già presente in quache mobo attualmente in vendita però mi sembra che la Thunderbolt 2 sia implementata in qualcuna, ma volevo sapere quale è maggiormente compatibile in un hackintosh. Non ho capito poi se la porta USB 3.1 type C è già di per se compatibile con Thunderbolt 2. Grazie.

    Asus Sabertooth X79

    Version (BIOS 3408, 3501)


    This is the DSDT file I'm using on my Hackintosh. There are NO sounds edits, as I am using an M-Audio sound card. See my signature for more info. Benefits are that my hack boots up in 25 seconds and shuts down in three. 98 kexts loaded viewed in kext helper. Sleep is working using SleepEnabler by sk.triaxis(1.0.0) Compiled in BIOS VERSION 3408 works ok with very latest BIOS VERSION 3501
  10. Hi, Ive been having a little bit of trouble with my mac, it works beautifully just a few issues that i am currently having. I havnt installed a DSDT as i have been unable to find out, and not sure how i would install one either. i havnt installed any packages, just used [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] and ran everything i needed to get audio and such to get working. But here are my issues: My sleep doesnt work properly, i put it to sleep and then on awaking nothing happens i just get a blank screen, i am unsure on what to do about this. Also heard about speedstepping, not sure exactly what to do with that either? My bluetooth dongle i have bought and used. it work on connecting my magic mouse and bluetooth keyboard, but when i turn off and turn back they are not automatically connected again, i have to remove the keyboard and repair it with the machine (the mouse not so much a problem, just need to click connect, but still it defeats the object of having them when i have to use a wired mouse to get them back online. here is the info on my bluetooth dongle i know about the hex to decimal stuff but that didnt get me anywhere. but if its a case of buying a new one then im happy to buy. so these are my issues i have been trying to resolve for a few weeks, just unable to find a solution. Thinking of upgrading the motherboard to deluxe or pro, if anyone has resolved all these problems with one of these boards, please let me know, how it can be done and how easy it is to do But if a solution is out there for this board that would be tremendous. i have Motherboard: p8p67 le CPU: i7 2600k cosair SD hd any questions just ask and i will try and the information for you Thanks Phil
  11. Haven't grazed here since building my Compaq hackintosh couple years back..works pretty well on snow Leopard minus quartz/ce. I'm in the process of putting together a desktop, and am now just wondering what's involved in getting it running OSX. Unfortunately, I've already bought the processor, which is a Phenom II X 4, (socket 3/3+) and I understand AMD is much more difficult to set up, particularly with the newer OS's. Having not yet purchased a motherboard, though, is it known which type might be most promising? Again, I need micro ATX form factor, and also want to be able to support up to 16gig memory (e.g. 8gig/slot). Thanks a bunch...
  12. Hello! I actually don't know where to post this... I run an intel-powered multiboot system (one HDD is Mavericks 10.9.2, the other one is Windows 7). HDD with OSX was the primary one to boot, all was fine for half a year, but today I was rebooting from Win to OSX and somewhy it was Win booting again (despite OSX HDD priority). I rebooted again and got the "The data in EC or EC flash might be corrupted" error. Extracted the battery of the motherboard for 5 minutes, the error's gone, but OSX just won't start - stuck on flashing "_". If I disconnect the Win HDD, the system gives me "Reboot and Select proper Boot device or Instert Boot Media..." etc. Windows boots just fine for some reason. What could be the problem and how to fix it? Main components of the system: intel i5-2500 3.30ghz Asus P8Z68-V LX AMD Radeon HD 6800 Don't know how to delete the topic and if I need to at all. Maybe it would be useful to someone, maybe not. SOLVED! - created a bootable usb-stick using Mavericks ##### (yeah yeah those guys) from my another mac - booted up from the stick choosing to boot from my HDD which contained installed OS X - found a problem with "Missing Bluetooth Controller Transport!" - booted up in safe mode with -x, added dart=0 to the chameleon's kext in /Extra This fixed the problem. I guess, something went wrong after resetting the BIOS (VT-X appears disabled there). Solution was inspired by themacmeister from reddit
  13. Ciao a tutti, vendo questa scheda per inutilizzo. E' perfetta, l'avevo presa come backup della mia ma non ne ho mai avuto bisogno. Permette di montare processori con socket 1366 e regge fino a 192GB di RAM. Per le specifiche vi rimando al sito intel Io la uso con due Xeon e5620 eh ho un Geekbench di 15200 Il prezzo è piuttosto modesto, chiedo 100€ + spese di spedizione. Ho la scatola originale e la fattura di acquisto nel caso possa essere utile
  14. At the beginning of this year, I put together a rootin'-tootin' dual bootin' mini Hackintosh centered around a portable shoebox-sized case. You can see my components list here: PC Parts Picker Note: my video card is actually the superior, older, more powerful, yet lower wattage draining Sapphire HD 7750LP (100357LP). I also purchased a USB Bluetooth adapter as well as a Dell DW1520 (Broadcom BCM4322) to make it 100% functional with OSX. Amazingly, the stock 150w PSU handles the load, but can be upgraded with a larger mini-ITX PSU with the caveat of cutting through the case to route the IEC power cord. The eSATA port on the Asrock Z87E-ITX motherboard I selected is of great importance to me, as I use both the 2 front and rear eSATA ports daily in my line of work (broke-a$$ video editor). Having it built into the motherboard frees up the single PCI card slot so I can drop in a decent video card for when I wand to get my 'pew-pew-pew' on. Unfortunately, after 2 replacement boards in less than a year, and loads of BIOS headaches, I am done with this board. I'm going to dump the replacement board on eBay as soon as the replacement board is returned to from Asrock. In the meantime, my system is down. After now reading the numerous bad reviews on various retail websites regarding this model motherboard which are consistent with the three rounds of board failures I have experienced, I can no longer rely on this brand or model. When I began my research about a year ago, this mobo fit my needs perfectly, but had very little competition when it came to offering eSATA. I'm hoping there are more choices now. Can anyone recommend an OSx86-friendly replacement mini-ITX motherboard that is not built by Asrock featuring eSATA, and where my current crop of components can drop right in?
  15. dg10mcdos

    System Uptime in nanoseconds error :/

    I have been trying to install osx mavericks on my system using this guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bl_33uukcxo and it isnt going very well. i have installed successfully but when i try to boot with the usb bootloader I get a system uptime in nanoseconds error. i have tried using -x -v -f npci=0x3000 graphicsenabler=no cpus=1 pcirootuid=1 kernelcacheenabler=no in every combination i can think of but it just wont boot. i can provide information as required and your help is greatly appreciated.I am very new to this so if i sound like an idiot when it comes to mac, thats because i am. anyway, specs are fx-8350 12gb ram ddr3 msi 970a-g43 gtx770 as i said i can provide verbose screens etc as required. thank you for your time. (also, apologies for caps-lock and possible absences ofspace buttons. i am using my families computer and their keyboard is failing.)
  16. any problem? - i5 4570 3.2ghz - Gigabyte Z97MX - EVO 212 - Ripjaws X Blue 2x4gb 1600 CL7 - EVO SSD - RM 650 Corsair
  17. Hi guys I need to buy a new mother, my current hackintosh have a lot of problems plus is and old core 2 duo processor. I only need a motherboard that have at least 6 data ports because i have 8 HDD on an NZXT case (2 drives with a PCI-e SATA card) I found this motherboard https://www.asus.com/us/Motherboards/B85MG/specifications/ I live in argentina, my options to get a good motherboard are limited by the market and importation rules. IS a good motherboard to use with "El Capitan" ? Any experience ? I will buy this mother with an i5 processor And 16GB of RAM Any ideas ? other options ??? Regards
  18. tearing my hair out my gigabite z77-ds3h is so unstable I can't deal anymore. 3570k not even overclocked, causing me major headaches popping sounds start happening every two or three hours especially when I stream video, I need a motherboard that is totally stable, and where virtually all hardware onboard works ootb.] help terramir
  19. Hello. It's been about 3 or 4 years since I built my first, and so far only hackingtosh. I did so fallowing a guide written by good guy ^Andy^, witch came with hardware recommendations. I now feel it's time for me to upgrade to a faster system to keep up with heavier work loads. I'm strongly considering building a hackingtosh around the new i7-6700K Skylake processor, but I haven't come across guides for this type of processor. I was wondering if any of you could recommend me a motherboard that's compatible and that won't become a hassle when trying to install OS X. Also, if there's a guide you know of, please let me know. Thanks in advance.
  20. Hello, these are 3 issues ive had on my 4790k clover build, since day one, and through many OSs, and I have never found a solution to any of them. Here are the issues: 1) My Ram has always shown as under-clocked. I have 1866 speed Ram, but it has ALWAYS shown as 1777 speed in the Mac install (ive been through yosemite, cap, and now sierra, have updated clover every now and then etc, same issue). The bios and the windows install both see correct speed. 2) Bios sees the Mac install as several duplicated devices (ie, if I go to bios to choose boot device, or i press f8 on boot for boot menu, it shows "mac os 256gb ssd etc" like 10 times in the list. Eventually, the list grows to a point where it will no longer boot until I clear CMOS and get it back down to being listed once, about every other month. 3) Shutdown speed has always been extremely slow. I have an SSD, and even when the install is clean and new, this issue exists. It takes about 45 seconds or more to shutdown (bootup is still fast, about 10 seconds). This is very annoying, it should take about 3 seconds to shutdown. Please help me with these, guys. Thanks My hardware is: 4790k CPU, Asus z97 Pro Wifi AC mobo, 16gb of 1866 ram, samsung SSD, 980ti, using clover on uefi
  21. Is there a reverse hardware compatibility list? At present I can find a list that starts with a specific version of OS X, then there are tested motherboards within that section. Is there the opposite arrangement, where you start with a motherboard and you would like to know the latest version of OS X you should be able to run on it? If there is, I can't find it. Thanks, Fretts
  22. Hi, Here is another new member with some doubts. I had only made a hackintosh from an old Dell Inspiron Laptop before and I need some advice. I´m building a new system next week and I still can´t decide on which motherboard to get. I’m now between Asus X79 P9X79-E WS and Asus X79 Rampage IV Black Edition Motherboard. I’ll use any of those with a 4930k, and a GTX 770 or a GTX 780 if the budget allows me My main concern is if there would be any difference between these two in the PCIe and USB3 compatibility, since I need to assemble them with 2 UAD-2 PCIe cards and the Video Card. Onboard audio is not important for me, since it will be used with an external audio card. If you could share any experience/recommendation or any other situation I may be overlooking, it would be greatly appreciated Thanks all for your time and help,
  23. Hi! I've got a pc desktop with this hardware: Intel Pentium 4 - 3.00 Ghz Motherboard ASUS P4S800D ATI Radeon Ve VGA standard SoundMAX Audio inside motherboard ASUS 1.5 GB Ram DDR (so I can't install OS X Lion...or yes?) I need to install OS X and use some Dj programs, so i need to have a good Hackintosh and fully working. I tried with OS X Hazard and it works but there isn't the driver for my audio car, for graphic card and network card. If it's possibile, I'll want to work with original OS X Snow Leopard, so i downloaded a version of this OS (10.6 Final). Can you help me? Thanks
  24. Hello, Although i'm confident it can be done, i'm looking for an *easier to follow guide (for noobies) to help me through it. If my understanding is correct, the main issue is configuring the motherboards power management in line with OSX's set up (Auto power off, sleep mode etc). This is the guide i've been trying to follow.. http://www.macbreake...hackintosh.html So far, I've descovered the B85 is a UEFI setup but i can't find a pre made patched BIOS for it, and for an unknown reason my computer wont open the UEFI patching utility posted on this thread http://www.insanelym...ching-utility/ so i'm falling at the first hurdle. My setup: Asus vanguard B85 Intel i7-4770k Asus GTX 780 Seagate 2TB BARRACUDA 3.5" SATA-III Hard Drive - 7200RPM 64MB Cache (OSX Install Drive) Samsung SATAlll SSD 250GB (Windows) Corsair 16GB RAM I'm really hoping someone out there can help! Cheers, Danielt
  25. Hi, I want to build a hackinstosh just for fun but i'm trying to save money, recently one of my computers stop working and I decided to build a new one, but I have a doubt about the motherboard, i just want to buy one that works everything with minimum efforts. I been searching and I saw that the Gigabyte motherboads are excelent for what I looking for, one of my configurations could be this: Gigabyte GA-B75M-HD3 ($67.70) or Gigabyte GA-Z77-D3H ($121.33) Intel Core i5 3330 3.0Ghz ($167.03) RAM Adata "SkyRam" DDR3 4GBx2 ($32.97) EVGA nVidia GTX 260 (Old PC) HD Segate 750GB 7200RPM 3.5" (Old PC) What do you think about this configuration it's ok? Also I'm a little confused with the Z77 series because I saw diferrents kinds of the first is the GA-Z77-D3H ($121.33), other is the GA-Z77M-DH3 ($107.47), and the GA-Z77X-UDH3 ($156.00) wich one of these are the best for this project? Thanks!