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[HOW TO] Opencore 0.8.0 > 0.8.1 differences

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There has been a lot of work at the source code level. These changes are useful for developers however, this month, there are few (but important) changes visible to the end user. OpenCore continues to improve with each new release. Get it here.

Main changes (changelog and configuration pdf file)

  • Improved ExtendBTFeatureFlags quirk on newer macOS versions
  • Added notes about DMAR table and ForceAquantiaEthernet
  • Updated note about CustomPciSerialDevice
  • Added System option in LauncherOption property
  • Added OpenNtfsDxe: NTFS read-only driver
  • Switched Reset NVRAM and Toggle SIP to configurable boot entry protocol drivers to be included into the Drivers folder:
    - ResetNvramEntry.efi: menu entry which resets NVRAM and immediately restarts. If LauncherOption is set to Full or Short then the OpenCore boot entry is protected. If you don't want to clear the BIOS boot entries during NVRAM reset, the boolean flag --preserve-boot may be specified in the Arguments section for this driver. It's enabled if present
    - ToggleSipEntry.efi: menu entry for enabling and disabling System Integrity Protection (SIP) in OpenCore picker. Default value for disabling SIP with this boot entry is 0x27F.
  • Added option to use flavours in the icons of the NVRAM tools (Reset NVRAM and Toggle SIP) (allows theme designers to provide different icons). Flavour is applied automatically depending on the icons present in the theme's folder:
    - If there is an icon named NVRAMTool.icns >> this icon is picked for all NVRAM tools (NVRAMReset and Toggle SIP)
    - If there are 2 icons named ResetNVRAM.icns and ToggleSip.icns >> each of them is picked for its related tool
    - If there are none of these icons, the generic Tool.icns is picked
    (Source: Flavours.md file).
  • Improved PIIX4 (Intel IDE controller chipset) support on Hyper-V Gen1 Virtual Machines.


  • Removed AllowNvramReset and AllowToggleSip from Misc / Security
  • Reset NVRAM (ResetNvramEntry.efi) and Toggle SIP (ToggleSipEntry.efi) have been added in UEFI >> Drivers. These drivers are automatic: if you have them in Drivers folder and in config.plist, they are displayed in the picker and can be selected.

Note: In previous versions, Reset NVRAM was included within OpenCore and did not exist as standalone tool and Toggle SIP existed as tool in the Tools folder and in Misc >> Tools of config.plist.


  • ocvalidate: always print version compatibility info when validating.


  • AirportBrcmFixup 2.1.5 (improvements on Monterey, fixed compilation in Xcode)
  • AppleALC 1.7.2 (added layouts, fixed HDMI audio for 400 series)
  • BrcmPatchRAM 2.6.2 (fix for Monterey 12.4 and newer)
  • MacHyperVSupport 0.8 (latest Windows support)
  • WhateverGreen 1.5.9 (fixed typos, updated DRM FAQ, added AMD prefix for all Radeon cards)


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Edited text of first post, it was not so clear about Reset NVRAM and Toggle SIP as drivers and flavours for NVRAM tools icons.

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