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Recommended iPod accessories.

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What are some iPod accessories you have and recommend? Such as.. iHome, iPod Hi-Fi, and other Dock accessories. Thanks! My parents got my little brother a Nano for christmas, along with a Shuffle for my youngest brother. They're sick of all the junk mp3 flash players breaking, so they stepped it up to the real deal. =) With a little encouragement from me. My dad's planning on getting an iMac. xDD Heh. We'll all be running a Mac OS of some sort in no time. Anywho, I appriate your replies!



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Any accessory at all?

I happen to like the Apple stuff a whole lot, just because it's Apple and I happen to feel more safe with them.

But it really depends on the model you're looking for... If you're looking for the nano, then I would say get some case for it (nothing too heavy duty, the new nano can take a beating) like a little wallet case to make a nice little package!

As for the shuffle, I would get absolutely nothing. It's so small you really don't need anything for it...

And the normal iPod, I would get the most important thing of all (IMO): those little plastic films that go over it! You know they cover the whole front/back and click wheel if ou want. You can get them from eBay for like 8 dollars shipped or something cheap like that. It'll make the Full-sized iPod more ruged: you don't have to worry about scratches and can use it even without a case.

If you're looking for a cute little pouch, get some iPod socks (not for the shuffle tho). You may not want to get Apple ones because they're not sold seperately and so are kinda costly.


I'm not really into speakers, that's what I have my iPod Universal dock for: I can then plug any speakers to my iPod and even change songs with an Apple remote (which comes with all but the baseline iMacs), as well as charge/sync it and hook it up to my tv (not sure if the nano will do this, don't think so) and stereo.

Another accessory I like is the iTrip by Griffin (I think it's Griffin...). I can listen to my iPod in any car. Beware: you're mileage may vary. Buy, test, return if unhappy.

I also have the iPod remote (not Apple remote, although I have that too). The iPod remote is the little clip-on control for the iPods with dock-connectors that looks like a Shuffle. It's great, but I rarely use it now, simply because I like to hold my iPod (new development lol).


That's all I can think of now... I wouldn't buy any eavy duty accessories until at least January, when Apple will release their iTV. I have a feeling that a bunch of accessorie updates will follow. Hopefully it's just firmware updates for stuff like the iPod hifi (which I don't own, BTW), but there may just be a new full-sized iPod and bluetooth/wifi adapters for the iPods to compete with the functionality offered in the Zune...


Bottom line: don't spend too much on accessories, but get what you think you need, not what you'd like to have. Get whatever you deem essential, which really isn't much for the iPods. The beauty of the iPod economy is that there will always be things to drool over, so don't be in a rush to buy anything, either.


Hope I helped!



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