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How to check iphone Battery from macOS?

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as mentioned here:


It is possible to check iPhone battery level via topbar WiFi symbol( even w/o iPhone to set hotspot), but I cannot get this with my Catalina 10.15.6,

(no problem with AirDrop of Facetime, handoff)


anyone succeed this? or I am missing any trick or tweak?


Thanks in advance for any suggestion.

1 hour ago, Allan said:

Holding the equivalent Option key don't work?

No, hold option+click wifi symbol doesn't show up my iPhone in list. yours? 

(the list does show extensive info of my current WiFi)


EDIT: Here my findings:

  • In order to check iPhone battery% from macOS, It seems indeed iPhone hotspot doesn't need to set ON, but
  • cellar mobile data needs to switch on(although iPhone still on WiFi), thus OPTION+WiFi(icon) would show up my iPhone in hotspot section=> then able to check its battery level.
  • Strange! Why need mobile data ON while iPhone is on WiFi to Internet? AND just tested, it really used mobile data of 0.3kb!
  • Yet the shown battery level of my iPhone is incorrect!


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