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Can no longer boot after adding NVMe SK hynix Gold S31 SSD

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My hackintosh has been running smoothly for about 8 years and has been on high sierra since about the time it came out. I recently bought and installed an NVMe SK hynix Gold S31 SSD which works fine in windows but when it's installed I cannot boot into mac anymore (I get the prohibited sign). Any ideas? I've read that NVMe are supposed to be native in High Sierra and I've searched around a lot and can't seem to find anyone else with the same problem.





GA-X99 UD%

GTX 970

Booting from Samsung Ev0 870


Long time reader, first time poster (i think lol) - if I've done something wrong please let me know :)

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Not all NVMe controllers are supported. You may need to remove the S31, or hide it from OS X (same principle as for hiding an unsupported dGPU), to use OS X.

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20 hours ago, Cyberdevs said:

Hi and welcome,

Boot with verbose mode and you can find out why it's not booting.


Thank you! It's been so long since I've modified something I forgot about that. 


The error is:


"AMF: No Slide values are usable! Falling back to 0 with 0x0B6C6000 bytes!

does print work??"


Very strange (to me at least lol)


Does that provide any information on how to fix and allow the SSD to remain or should I hide it as @etorix mentioned?

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I've done some searching and most ways to hide the SSD seem to involve being able to boot I did find an example of someone changing the 

DSDT although that's way out of my understanding. Would that be the main way or have I missed another option? If that is, can you or someone help create the file or know what to change from the example below? :)



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