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I’ve got a Qosmio X775 laptop running macOS Sierra 10.12.6, and I’m trying to crack a huge challenge:

I recently fixed my internal display’s brightness control, and have remapped most of my function keys. I figured that because of this, I would now be ready to attempt to get the keyboard backlight working.

It’s the last piece of hardware that I haven’t yet gotten to work. There doesn’t appear to be an option in System Preferences to illuminate the keyboard, and connecting an external USB Apple keyboard to toggle F5/F6 doesn’t illuminate it either.


I don’t know what mechanism specifically controls my keyboard backlight, but it seems that it’s related to the ACPI because I found this thread for some person on Ubuntu who enabled the keyboard backlight by disabling ACPI.


In terms of my keyboard, none of the keys generate ACPI queries, they all generate PS2 scan codes (but there does seem to be a bunch of queries located in my DSDT).

Assuming that I’m thinking about this correctly based on what I’ve read, would anyone know or have a wild guess as to where in my ACPI the mechanism for the illuminating the keyboard lives, and how I’d write code for that in my DSDT/SSDT?


The PS2 scan codes that I would like to map to are as follows:

F5 —> 3f

F6 —> 40


I’ve attached my ACPI tables (along with all other files related to my current configuration) down below.

Qosmio X775 Configuration.zip


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