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covert x99 mojave clover to opencore?

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So, after a bit lot of struggling, I managed to get my X99 Catalina installation stable and running well. I'd like to convert my mojave installation from clover to opencore, and my understanding is that i only need to replace the EFI clover folder with an (appropriately configured) opencore EFI folder. Since my catalina installation has the relevant SSDTs for my system, can i just reuse the catalina efi opencore folder and make the relevant changes for Mojave? Would i need to change anything at all? Thanks for the help in advance

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Hi, please provide the correct signature about your Hardware.


Watch this video: [Video] How to add a signature.


And about the changing to Clover > OC, if you used the Clover.pkg, you'll need to remove the following items


After that, look this guide:



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I'd recommended the wrong guide - Sorry 😬
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Since you want to use OpenCore, I would go with this Update Guide instead:

Mojave and Catalina are pretty similar as far as configuration goes. So just make sure, OC, Drivers, Kexts and ACPI Files are up to date.

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