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OCvalidate errors

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Just now, LIMITANT said:

Yes ; that's the main job of propertree to snapshot and reflect your Kexts, ACPI, Tools ....  don't use it for editing purposes 


OK I will try editing with Plist and see if that works better


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1 minute ago, LIMITANT said:

There's a drag and drop between opened plists using PlisEditor, don't worry .. it's fast ... just discover it yourself 


Well that would definitely make it easier

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Don't worry if you are a newbie, we have all been, but it is a mistake to perform a task trying different methods without knowing any of them thoroughly. I say this for the editors of plist files, you have to keep one and use it to know it well.
I use ProperTree, other PlistEdit Pro, etc. Take one of them and keep it.

The config.plist file that you have uploaded has some errors that @antuneddu has corrected, of course the 2 files are not the same.

The main bug is in Tools, each tool has to have 9 key / value pairs, not 6 like in your config.plist. The tool is missing 3: Flavour, RealPath and TextMode.
@antuneddu added those 3 keys to the tool and in theory with this config.plist the warnings should disappear.

Do you see the differences?



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On 6/11/2021 at 11:23 PM, jefftr66 said:


OK maybe that is my problem. However if ProperTree is not the preferred app - or requires extra steps - why is is recommended in Dortania's guide.


And do you hand edit your current .plist with the changes in the sample.plist? 

Probably because the guide writer uses ProperTree. ProperTree if perfectly suited to edit plists, if you don't mind the launching process.

To avoid erasing your entries, use "Snapshot" rather than "Clean Snapshot".


For simple edits which do not involve binary data, my own choice is to use TextEdit. For binary data, I use ProperTree.

There are many possible tools. Just pick one that suits you and sticks to it. Try to keep it simple.


For updates, my method is to edit the new sample.plist and carry over all my settings by hand. Two windows side by side, scroll and copy-paste or retype… I never attempt to edit an old plist to bring in the changes from a newer version.

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@etorix Actually, ProperTree is only really useful for automatically adding kexts and correcting issues like missing parameters or wrong order of kext from the config. For editng and moving things aroound it's really bad and unstable. PlistEditPro and OpenCore Configurator are far better suited for eiting than ProperTree. If you ever created a Laptop Config with dozens of ACPI patches, than you understand. I don't know why anybody would use TextEdit to edit plists…

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Actually I use the two Propertree and PlistEdit pro, and I like them both... the first because of the snapshot feature and PlistEdit Pro, because I can copy and past between  my old config.plist and the new one, but all tools are really only tools and anyone choose the ones that we like best. It's not a size fits all matter, just my two cents...

And yes I update all my config.plist by hand, it's the better way, and sometimes the thing don't work well... trust me I know by experience...


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@5T33Z0, thanks for implying that I'm not "anybody". :P

Plists are text files. A text editor works fine as long as you care for proper syntax. I do mostly edit my config.plist with TextEdit—including reordering lists or minor changes in kext or ACPI files.

For binary data Xcode is the best editor, but it's very heavy and ProperTree may have trouble opening files which have been edited with Xcode. So TextEdit with an occasional trip to ProperTree for binary data or the occasional major change in ACPI/kext is what does it for me.


To each his own. That's the most important message for the original poster.


But beware of tools which are too user friendly and hide what you're really working on.


DO NOT USE CONFIGURATORS, these rarely respect OpenCore's configuration and even some like Mackie's will add Clover properties and corrupt plists!

My first attempt at hackintoshing involved GUI tools based on Clover. I could boot, but never achieved a stable configuration. Investigating why, I eventually found that the (not-so) friendly "Configurator" made changes I had NOT asked for and was NOT aware of while I tried different parameters. I trashed the whole tool set and reformatted the drive to clear the "gunk".

I went back to hackintoshing after reading OpenCore extensive and excellent documentation, made my own SSDTs and directly edited the config.plist. Boot at first attempt. Stable hack.

Lesson learned: Understand what you do. Keep track of changes—at the lowest practical level.

A text editor is what best fits the control I want. YMMV.

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@etorix You can quote that "DONT USE CONNFIGURATORS" (by Anonymous) in all Caps and bold all day long – the fact is: most of these quotes are based on prejudice and bad experiences. But if you have the correct build respecting the latest feature-set you can use OpenCore Configurator without any issues. At the moment it takes the dev less than 24 hours to incorporate the latest feature set. And if you don't trust it, just run OCValidate after using it and fix issues easily by copying over new/missing entries from the sample.plist.


And if you prefer working with this



over this



then I have nothing else to say to you. :D

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I agree that there are some prejudices towards the "Configurator". Of course if you open an EFI 0.7.0 and the configurator is stopped at 0.5.7 it will convert the plist based on what it was programmed for and create mess. I tried test  to update an old efi 0.6.7 to 0.7 .0 beta (after replacing binaries etc) by simply opening and saving the plist with the configurator controlled the plist with ocvalidate , the plist result without issues and perfectly correct




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