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AppleALCU.kext What is it?

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Just ran an update from KextUpdate and this kext popped in.  Does this replace AppleALC.kext for Big Sur or is it across the board new patch?  Or does it work in conjunction with AppleALC.kext?



On 6/8/2021 at 4:11 AM, Hervé said:

Not a replacement to AppleALC for sure! Did you check AppleALC's site/Github repo? You should have... Hint: v1.6.1.

I looked the same day and there was no information.


Maybe today there is?


Just on a side note when I did install these two side by side, the U version did not load.  Load failure. Probably not needed. 

But it begs to wonder.

Thank you always for your support


AppleALCU can be used for systems with digital-only audio.




There was a dedicated area explaining what AppleALCU is, but seems @acidanthera has removed it.

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