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I have already patched my dsdt for my brightness keys, will using this break something?

As my DSDT was patched a while ago I’m thinking about switching to the SSDT method anyway so this kext should come in handy then.



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Depending on the DSDT patch you used, you may indeed opt for moving the patch to dedicated SSDT(s) so no need for a kext. What does it actually do to achieve the expected result? Can't imagine a kext being universal for such hardware specific matter.

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At least on Intel devices, the brightness keys tend to notify some other devices attached to the iGPU at specific addresses. It's actually (kinda) standardized. BrightnessKeys just listens to notifications from those devices and sends key presses to VoodooPS2 (sort of like the patches we do in ACPI)

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Well I switched to the ssdt method and with this kext brightness keys work on my Clevo laptop.

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