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Big Sur 11.1 in Pentium dual core g3240 with Nvidia gt 710

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I am facing kernel panic while clean installing Big Sur 11.1 on Intel Pentium dual core g3240 with NVidia gt 710.(I know it is not supported, Catalina works well!)
clover latest/oc latest

AMFI: SIP is off, allowing core dump for pid 1 (launchid)
pid 1 exited -- exit reason namespace 2 subcode 0x4, description none

IOPlatformPanicAction -> AppleAHCIDiskDriver
IOPlatformPanicAction -> AppleAHCIDiskDriver
IOPlatformPanicAction -> AppleSMC

panic(cpu 1 caller 0xffffff8006cbf016):initproc exited -- exit reason namespace 2 subcode 0x4

EFI-clover.zip EFI-oc.zip

Pentium G3240 is Haswell and I see no reason why it would not support Big Sur given that you can run Catalina on it. You may just have to fake the CPU id of mainstream Core I models. It's the GT1 Intel HD iGPU of those Pentium CPUs that's not supported.

GeForce GT710 remains supported in Big Sur provided it's a Kepler model; it seems to be the case since you stated it worked in Catalina too.


Regarding your OC config, I see a several potential errors and/or issues:

  1. ACPI tables: SSDT-EC-USBX-Desktop and SSDT-EC. You should only be injecting one of those and the former is for Skylake and later platforms. As such, get rid of it.
  2. Device properties: you're injecting a property for your iGPU. Not required since it's unsupported.
  3. Kernel: I'm surprised you use NullCPUPowerManagement. I would have expected native CPU power management to be fully supported on your Haswell Pentium with the usual SSDT-PLUG table. Are you sure you need those 2 x AHCI injector kexts?
  4. NVRAM: adgpmod boot arg is for iGPUs and is therefore useless. -lilubetaall is also not required if you use latest version of Lilu and PlugIns, they all support Big Sur 11.1
  5. SMBIOS; pretty sure iMacPro1.1 is not the right profile to use on a Haswell platform with Nvidia graphics. Use iMac14,2 or iMac14,3 (Nvidia graphics card usually require the SMBIOS of a Mac with Nvidia graphics) which may require to add -no_compat-check boot arg (I believe those Macs were officially dropped by Big Sur).


Regarding your Clover setup, again several errors and/or issues:

  1. Kexts: same remark regarding NullCPUManagement. I don't understand why you'd inject that kext when you've installed ACPI table SSDT-PLUG for native CPU PM.
  2. Config, ACPI: Ouch!
    • You've enabled nearly all of the fixes; that can't be right and you should only enable those you need, granted you may need to experiment with them only by one which can be painful.
    • You've enabled Generate P States and Generate C States, something for Core2Duo/Arrandale platforms. Not applicable to your Haswell platform, disable them
    • Remove those tables you actually don't drop
    • Unless you did not already use ACPI table SSDT-PLUG, all you would need for native CPU PM is enable PluginType
  3. Config, Boot: again, no need for boot arg agdpmod=pikera
  4. Config, Graphics: you may need to enable Inject Nvidia here
  5. Config, Patches: AppleIntelCPUPM patch if for Sandy Bridge + Ivy Bridge, not for your Haswell platform which requires KernelPm patch (OS X/macOS handle CPU PM through the kernel for Haswell and later , no longer from AICPUPM kext). Remove EightApple, it's for the 2nd stage boot glitch experienced with iGPUs.
  6. Config, SMBIOS: here again, iMacPro1.1 is not adequate; change to iMac14,2/iMac14,3 as suggested above. You already have -no_compat_check in your Clover config...
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On 2/6/2021 at 1:54 PM, vinukn335 said:

Aggressive LPM support".  disabled. same error. Any error in dsdt.aml?

Looking at your photos your using a very modern mother board, you will not need to use a DSDT file, and as pointed out above you will have to fake (spoof) your CPU i.d. I have a G3240 on a Gigabyte GA-Z97-HD3 running Big Sur 11.2.1 very well so it is all possible. I see from an earlier post you say you had it running Catalina perfectly. If so I suggest you change your smbios to allow BS to upgrade and maybe try that route. That is the way I went from Mojave to BS on the Z97 and the upgrade went without issues.


You will have to change your smbios to something like Mac Pro6,1/iMac15,1 or the likes as also pointed out above, and from memory my Z97 also has -xcpm. I'm not on that machine ATM so can't quote further as I'm on a Dell T5400 (also resurrected by open core).


Take a look here,  http:// https://github.com/acidanthera/bugtracker/issues/365   this will show you what changes you will need for your Haswell cpu.


I made the jump from clover to open core a few weeks ago and at the age of 69 for me it was a massive, massive learning curve but I can say its all worth it in the end and I'm still learning. If you still can't get anywhere I can post my Z97 config details etc which may help you get it off the ground.



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