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  1. hardcorehenry

    Fail to use OpenCore to boot Windows

    It was misprint corrected. My patch looks like this and it simply doesnt work
  2. hardcorehenry

    Fail to use OpenCore to boot Windows

    I've noticed that renames doesn't work, in my case for example EHC1 to EH01. I consider renaming manually in my dsdt or I don't know wait for some kind of fix?
  3. Sorry, I've made mistake when renaming CP0E and CP0F now should be good. Best double check. config(22).plist
  4. hardcorehenry

    Broken Power Management in 10.14.5 Beta?

    For me pretty mach the same, processor have sometime better or worse moments
  5. Check in your ioreg if CP0E and CP0F changed, I'm not 100 % sure if you should do the same with CP1E, CP1F...and so on, for safety dont remove your orginal config.plist, but surely you already know about itconfig(22).plist
  6. This is your generated SSDT, you posted. Uder PR13 there are CP0E and CP0F. That would mean you ommited this renames. I thing that CP0E should be renamed as PR14, CP0F as PR15 and the rest below PR16 ...and so on. There is no CP0E and CP0F in config acpi renames and the rest sould also change names. If my bad english isn't good enough post your config and original CPU OEM extracted with clover F4, because i'm not sure about originals CPU OEM names.
  7. In your config.plist you renamed CPxx -> PRxx, but not all, in your generated SSDT CP0E and CP0F remained with original names. It "might" be cosmetics but better double check. I'm looking right now at KGP's renames .
  8. Something changed, how's your frequencies?
  9. SSDT generated with Pike's script (containing Plugin-type) shouldn't be named as SSDT-CpuPm.aml, if you are going to drop tables CPU OEM (CpuPM and Cpu0Ist). You can name it SSDT.aml
  10. I think you shouldn't rename your generated SSDT like that, because you put in sorted order then the same name of your SSDT is in drop tables. This name I guess is reserved for your OEM. You should leave original name SSDT.aml and your config would look like that.
  11. Without your config.plist it's impossible to help you
  12. hardcorehenry

    Broken Power Management in 10.14.5 Beta?

    The same smbios a "little bit" different processor ig platform 0x0412000B. I read somewhere on russian forum that with headles framebuffer it is normal constant frequency for IGPU. I'm not 100% sure about it. Mine stuck as you see at 1100 GHz, whether I watch movies or quick sync it looks like this. Things are different when I look at HWMonitor, when no movies or quick sync CPU GFX show "-" when watching movies jumping 0,12-0,18 W. The highest utilization when converting. As for processor high frequencies pretty much simmilar situation, but in my case I observed it from first Betas. Every update IPG looked almost the same, with high freq until final releases which made normal again, I mean when idle 800-1200GHz. So I'm guessing final release of 10.14.5 will bring my processor back to normal. Frequencies thou improved when I reinstalled 10.14.4 and updated to Beta. Hope that helped a bit.
  13. hardcorehenry

    [pre-release] macOS Mojave 10.14.5

    Non-metal Radeon-ALIVE confirmed . Hardware acceleration comes from my amazing IGPU
  14. hardcorehenry

    Fan and hdd keep running during sleep

    I guess the problem lays somewhere in your dsdt, the best option would be to to ask @MaLd0n for help he masters the best dsdt available.
  15. hardcorehenry

    Fan and hdd keep running during sleep

    Send screenshot of your folder with kexts in clover. You using whatevergreen so you should uncheck fix display in ACPI section in your config.plist. You have many fixes in config and they repeat in your dsdt. When next boot enter clover options and uncheck fixes you already have in your dsdt. I would also try different value with darkwake boot flag. And finally you could try HibernationFixup.kext.
  16. hardcorehenry

    Fan and hdd keep running during sleep

    I looked at your IOReg, and in section CPU0 ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin ** AGPMConrroller you have only IGPU no GFX0 power management. It's correct for MacBookPro8,1 which have only IGPU, but you are using radeon graphic and need GFX0 power management. I would try putting second config.plist in your clover folder with smbios MacBookPro8,2 and try boot from that config and test it. If it successful you probably will need make new SSDT.
  17. My bad , but link will help anyway.
  18. I got problem with high constant I have different processor but had the same high constant frequence problem. I got rid of NullCPUxxx.kext and in my case pulgin type via config.plist didn't worked, so I put SSDT-XCPM.aml into clover/ACPI/patched and it solved my problems. You probably tried it, if not worth searching.
  19. Have you tried CPUFriend.kext? It helped many people with too high frequencies of CPU, just follow the instructions.
  20. These kext are used to boot Mojave. Virtual smc contains PlugIns SCM processor and SMCSuperIo. I can share old config which worked on mojave my new is tested for providing GVA acceleration on Intel Pentium, some say it is impossible I think I just did it.config.plist
  21. I don't have such kext and I'm using Mojave, so it's not necessary.
  22. hardcorehenry

    VirtualSMC — SMC Emulator

    Always receiving this message when building VSMC. Should I ignore it or can do something about it. Apart from it build end up success and everything works, but message is somewhat annoying
  23. hardcorehenry

    Stuck on kextd stall AppleACPICPU

    Had the same issue, updating clover helped.
  24. hardcorehenry

    Is it worth it on a non-Metal supported card?

    If you have multiboot, boot into your working macos system, enter mojave/System/Library/Frameworks remove OpenGL.framework and paste from this link. Then enter M/S/L/PrivateFrameworks and remove GPUSupport.framework and paste new one. Original frameworks best backup somewhere. Then boot your Mojave with boot flags -v -s. Next commands: mount -uw / cd /System/Library/Frameworks chmod -R 755 OpenGL.framework chown -R 0:0 OpenGL.framework cd /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks chmod -R 755 GPUSupport.framework chown -R 0:0 GPUSupport.framework exit Should work, mine works