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  1. cyrhex

    AMD Vanilla Kernel

    done updating to 10.15.2 beta without no issues
  2. cyrhex

    OpenCore Discussion

    hi guys im new with opencore,,my question is how to fake cpuid
  3. cyrhex

    Clover General discussion

    hi,anyone knows how to fix this error,pxsx cannot assert wake from d3cold,i received this error installing catalina on my acer v3 471g,i dont received this error before with macos mojave and lower version of macos
  4. cyrhex

    AMD Vanilla Kernel

    open core bootloader,thnx to algrey,xlnc,shanee,,and to the developer of opencore team
  5. cyrhex

    AMD Vanilla Kernel

    i received this same issue installing on my amd a10 5800k with asus f2a85v-pro motherboard with catalina,,using my sandisk ssd...
  6. Pxsx cannot assert wake frim d3cold
  7. just bought it as second hand for 68 dollars,my bad,my wrong mistake,lol,,i thought it works OOB like other brand,,i think i should swap to a gigabyte brand,,
  8. Weird my xrx rx 460 2gb single fan wont work under sierra and hs,,
  9. Yes im using a separate radeon 6450,my sleep/wake works on my i3 1st gen and 6450 on 10.13.3,,i tried amd=true radeondeinit=yes duckweed fb,but my system wont display,,only on amd my sleep/wake wont work,i dont know why,but other says sleep/wake work with the latest kernel by shanee using clover
  10. What version of clover u were using?my amd a10 5800k with radeon 6450 wont wake after sleep at hs 10.13.3 using clover 4392,,but sleep/wake works fine on sierra,,i will try my gt 8500gt
  11. tried using clover 4392 still wont wake,but its ok i can live without sleep,btw thanx for ur 10.13.3 shaneee
  12. works on my a10 with clover 4101 but it wont wake after sleep,,i will try again the new version of clover if sleep/wake works
  13. what version of usbinjectall.kext u were using?
  14. got no ryzen i test on my amd a10 5800k apu,i test also on my core i5 cpu but it wont boot,bronya's kernel for 10.13 boot on my acer laptop with i5 at 10.13 with supplemental did ur usb 1.1 work on sierra/hsierra using the new version of clover with dummyusbehcipci.kext?mine it wont work,but old version of clover 4101 my usb1,1 work with sierra/hsierra by deleting appleusbehcipci.kext or using the dummy one