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Z490 Aorus Ultra, i7 10700, iGPU (HDMI) - no video output

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Z490 Aorus Ultra, i7 10700, iGPU only (for now) -> The mobo does not have a DisplayPort, so stuck on HDMI.

OpenCore 0.6.5, trying to install Catalina 10.15.7


The USB boots successfully, but just before I expect it to go to the Apple logo - I lose all video output. Here's a screenshot of the Device Properties.

I tried using 00009B3E as well (as per the OpenCore guide for Comet Lake) but no joy there either.

DVMT in BIOS is set to 64MB, so I removed the framebuffer properties, but there is Lilu and WG in the Kexts folder.


Some other screenshots along the way : https://imgur.com/a/Q6BSfc0


Any recommendations?


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