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Create Big Sur OC (full) USB-Installer on Windows

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Registered over a year ago but this my first post! :) So, still here in the "lounge"..


Since the 14th of december there is a full Big Sur download option via gibMacOS but still no recovery version though.

I downloaded it anyway and now I wonder if I can use that content somehow to create a bootable USB.




I already have a formatted stick with a boot partition with OC and the EFI-folder as well as large 2nd HFS+ - partition sitting there, waiting...


Any ideas?


The content of the folder from gibMacOS (001-86606 - 11.1 macOS Big Sur) is (with relevant (?) sub-content listed):


  • BuildManifest.plist
  • Info.plist
  • InstallAssistant.pkg
    • Bom
    • PackageInfo
    • Payload
    • Scripts
    • SharedSupport.dmg (12.2 GB)
      • 0.MBR
      • 1.Primary GPT Header
      • 2.Primary GPT Table
      • 3.free
      • 4.C12A7328-F81F-11D2-BA4B-00A0C93EC93B
      • 5.hfs (11.7 GB)
        • Shared Support
          • com_apple_MobileAsset_MacSoftwareUpdate
          • SFR
          • InstallInfo.plist
          • UpdateBrain.zip
      • 6.free
      • 7.Backup GPT Table
      • 8.Backup GPT Header
  • InstallInfo.plist
  • MajorOSInfo.pkg
  • UpdateBrain.zip




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On 12/29/2020 at 4:23 PM, Shaneee said:

Thanks for the tip but I actually did that first! That still requires an internet connection for completing the install by downloading the rest of the rquiered data. I was hoping to put together a full, working offline installer.

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