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SandyBridge i5 + radeon RX560 issue at 1st reboot installing 11.1

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I have an issue at reboot after launching Big Sur 11.1 install from Catalina 10.15.7, it seems my Radeon RX560 causes it. Reboot goes a little further when I check "inject. ATI" in Clover (5127) config options, but in any case, boot stops before to reach second step of install gauge. No real error message when boot stops before to reboot, last lines speaking of Applekeystore error but not sure if my trouble has to do with this...

I add my CLOVER folder, my clover config.plist isn't really optimised, I think I used the one I having in my notebook and it certainely could be cleaned, but not sure how.

Maybe my SMBIOS config is too old for Big Sur ? (iMac late 2012)

Can you please help me to fix this issue with my graphic card and advice me how to optimize my config.plist file and maybe clean/update extensions too. 

Best regards


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I have also Sandy Bridge Dell Optiplex 790 i5 2500k with an GT 710 I am not able to install BS but if the SSD is already made its boot very well  Clover and OC

If you find the way to install BS on that kind of machine let me know

Ho, do you mean you installed BS on your SSD from another machine ? I will let you know how it goes for me :) but unfortunately for me, my SSD drive  is a micro SSD card on my motherboard, not a SATA drive so no chance for me to install BS from my notebook :(


Yes I mean installed BS from another Mac or Hack

 I try since the beginning of BS Beta 1 to install from USB and no luck here

I don't know about the micro SSD ?

:drool: As per your signature, the "microSSD" in question is called an mSATA SSD:





Your mSATA SSD uses the same SATA-III technology as any given SATA-III disk and, generally speaking, is as fast (or slow) as any regular/usual 2.5" SATA-III SSD, all honest considerations being taken into account. Not all SATA SSDs are equal of course but you cannot just make a general statement such as the one you made! Any decent SATA-III SSD provides at least 450MB/s and up to 550MB/s or thereabout, SATA-III being given for 600MB/s max., whatever the form of the disk.



Your Samsung 860 EVO SSD happens to be a good one (up to 550MB/s Read + 520MB/s Write), as quite usual with Samsung, so it may be faster a 2.5" SSD you compared it with but that's as far as you can go without detailing models and specs.


tanks but its not work here, I have a NVRAM.plist working and same reboot at the Count Line on USB install Big Sur

I will try Updating from Catalina

@Hervé Thank you for your informations about my MB and Msata SSD drive ! 


It wasn't my question here in fact  :) 

So, what about my config and native NVRAM ? The answer of mickeyd453 was for chris1111 but not sure if it's right for me too ?

Can you tell me please about my hardware and about my clover folder and config.plist, even with Catalina installation?


Well, if I quote you:

On 12/18/2020 at 4:01 PM, zazman said:

[...] my SSD drive is a micro SSD card on my motherboard, not a SATA drive so no chance for me to install BS from my notebook [...]

I just wanted to highlight the fact that you have a SATA SSD in your computer -no matter its mSATA form- and that it's not an issue at all to install Big Sur (or any previous version of course). I have Big Sur running on my Dell Latitude E6230 and it's fitted with a standard 2.5" SATA SSD. Before installing Big Sur on the original Catalina partition, I 1st experimented with an mSATA SSD of mine, installed in a 2.5" enclosure.


Clover is not 100% reliable for Big Sur and I would recommend you switch to OpenCore. Follow the documentation published at Dortania for your computer generation:


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