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  1. Mac os High sierra installation attempts

    i posted how to fix this previously - make sure your user is in sudoers, you might need to boot recovery partition and then add your user to sudoers manually then when in 10.13 just ... sudo dscl . -create /Groups/admin GroupMembership <youruser>
  2. Mac os High sierra installation attempts

    I didn't need to fix it - it just works. Mine is an iMac 14,2
  3. Mac os High sierra installation attempts

    Yes - appears to be working for me. What issue are you having?
  4. Why dont you just buy a 710? Its native OOTB in 10.12 and 10.13 and they are a cheap card.
  5. Mac os High sierra installation attempts

    well i have a 710 and it works OOTB
  6. Mac os High sierra installation attempts

    specifically which card?
  7. Mac os High sierra installation attempts

    Update from Developer Beta 2 to Public Beta 1 via official public beta download went without issue.
  8. Mac os High sierra installation attempts

    I had that after the beta 1 update - I sorted it by booting from the recovery partition, manually adding my user into the sudoers file and then after a normal boot running the following to make myself an admin again via terminal sudo dscl . -create /Groups/admin GroupMembership <username> - but replace <username> with your username
  9. Mac os High sierra installation attempts

    Yes I can - confirmed update via AppStore to 10.13 Beta 2 (17A291j) without issue
  10. High Sierra - Bios based boards

    Yes works perfect - exactly the same clover config and kexts as Sierra working perfect on bios board with HighSierra Beta 2
  11. High Sierra - Bios based boards

    and I just did an App Store update to beta 2 and all is still fine!
  12. High Sierra - Bios based boards

    Never mind - got it working. Seems my 10.13 download wasn't good as I re-downloaded it and it was fine. All good here on an Optiplex 980 with an i5, 16GB of RAM and a 2GB GT 710
  13. High Sierra - Bios based boards

    Hi. The board in question is in an optiplex 980 and it runs sierra flawlessly. The kexts I am using for the install are the same as for the running sierra. I have not changed my clover config from sierra as I don't think I have to not have I altered clover at all as I am on 4084 and using HFS.
  14. Anyone had any success with a bios based board and High Sierra? When i boot the installer on my board with Clover 4084 the machine boots but about 15 seconds into the boot it just simply reboots and in verbose mode its too fast to see what happens. I have all the normal kexts in kexts/Other including FakeSMC but i wonder if for a bios board kext injection is not working? Any clues?
  15. Clover issue 10.12

    So I went out and bought a new WD 2TB Blue drive as I though this was a Green issue but I get _exactly_ the same behaviour with this drive and I can replicate it at will Boot partition > 750GB and no boot, Clover just gets to the 'Bios' type screen. Do nothing else but boot a recovery stick and resize the partition to < 750GB and it boots without issue!! How strange is this and what am I missing .... I would note that the only options I am using in Clover installer are... 'Bootloader - Install boot0af in MBR' and 'CloverEFI - CloverEFI 64-bits SATA' ‚ÄčThese are the only options I think I have ever used and if I put in a WD Red 2TB drive that I have El Capitan on it boots without issue so I know its not an issue with the machine I am using.