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HP G62 with Mavericks. Some weird problems.

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Hey Everyone!


Specs of my laptop:

  • Intel Core i3 360M
  • Intel HD Arrandale
  • 4GB RAM DDR3
  • OS X 10.9.5, Vista (will be installed when I figure out problems I have with OS X).

So what's the issue? Rebooting, sleeping and Quirk for KernelLAPIC in OC doesn't work for me.

  • Rebooting:

So basically, when pressing Shut Down from the menu, I get normal "CPU Halted" message and the laptop shuts down. The problem is, when I hit restart, after "MACH Reboot" laptop stays on. I just have a black screen, no activity from the disk at all. I need to manually shut it down.

  • Sleeping:

Sleeping is a weird one. So it does go to sleep normally, after I close the lid. But when I open it, screen stays off. I thought it could be related to backlight, but no, screen is completly black and seems like whole laptop is just broken (No sound after pressing volume button, USB WiFi doesn't light up at all). I tried IRQ-Fix, but it doesn't work. Same with Emulated NVRAM.

  • Broken KernelLapic:

So, as I have an HP laptop, I need to use KernelLAPIC quirk to get past LocalAPIC Kernel Panic. Well, it doesn't work. It is set to True, and simply doesn't work. I need to boot with "cpus=1" to get it working.


I'm running on OC0.6.4, if it's needed I can send my whole EFI, or my Config.plist


Thanks in Advance for any help!

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For your 1st problem, you probably want to change ACPI/Quirks/FadtEnableReset to True. You are using Legacy instead of UEFI, right?


Also you can definitely try Sierra or High Sierra. Both are running well on my laptop (same specs), just no QE/CI

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