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HP Probook 650 G1 Big Sur

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My specs: 

HP Probook 650 G1

Core i5-4210M @2.60GHz

8GB DDR3-1600

BIOS L77 1.50



Work: Audio, WIFI, Video acceleration, Trackpad gesture, USB port, Sleep


Opencore 0.6.4 - VoodooInput in VoodooRMI is 1.0.8 because on 1.0.9 Trackpad buttons don't work .In VirtualSMC.kext is added Plugins.


Just replace EFI - MacSerial is random (make new CPUFriend.kext if you have different CPU).






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59 minutes ago, atsankov said:

I use SSDT-6x0G1h.aml (maketd change for acidanthera VoodooPS2) + SSDT-IGPU.aml + SSDT-FANREAD.aml from Rehabman Mojave guide  and it should work well on 640 G1 too .

yes it works very well but I have just one problem, the trackpad works only if I boot from the USB Pen with the same identical EFI Folder that i put in the EFI of the SSD... it's really strange... 

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1 hour ago, atsankov said:

Download VoodooRMI from GitHub and replace it in your EFI. Clean and reset NVRAM 

already did it, it works sometimes, the efi is the same of the usb but with the boot from the usb it works everytime!

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10 minutes ago, AnitaArgan said:

could anyone, please, please, please, share their EFI for this model and Opencore?


It is driven me crazy and I cannot get it installed.


Thanks in advance

ye, sure. can you post your notebook model and bios version? 

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