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HP Probook 650 G1 Big Sur

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My specs: 

HP Probook 650 G1

Core i5-4210M @2.60GHz

8GB DDR3-1600

BIOS L77 1.50



Work: Audio, WIFI, Video acceleration, Trackpad gesture, USB port, Sleep


Opencore 0.6.4 - VoodooInput in VoodooRMI is 1.0.8 because on 1.0.9 Trackpad buttons don't work .In VirtualSMC.kext is added Plugins.


Just replace EFI - MacSerial is random (make new CPUFriend.kext if you have different CPU).






59 minutes ago, atsankov said:

I use SSDT-6x0G1h.aml (maketd change for acidanthera VoodooPS2) + SSDT-IGPU.aml + SSDT-FANREAD.aml from Rehabman Mojave guide  and it should work well on 640 G1 too .

yes it works very well but I have just one problem, the trackpad works only if I boot from the USB Pen with the same identical EFI Folder that i put in the EFI of the SSD... it's really strange... 

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10 minutes ago, AnitaArgan said:

could anyone, please, please, please, share their EFI for this model and Opencore?


It is driven me crazy and I cannot get it installed.


Thanks in advance

ye, sure. can you post your notebook model and bios version? 

7 hours ago, Vorshim92 said:

ye, sure. can you post your notebook model and bios version? 

Model: HP Probook 640 G1. graphics: Intel HD 4600

BIOS version: L77 v 1,46 (30/07/2018)


and thanks, thanks, thanks in advance :)

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