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How I fixed broken DW1560 (BCM94352Z) in Big Sur


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Thank you, this is helpful and still working at this time.


I got a dw1560 working on my ideapad330s-15ikb; big sur 11.6.2


Comments/ notes I made in case others are having las much trouble as I did.   I just didn't follow your instructions closely enough and had the path names wrong as well as device id.   Eventually got it working after ~ 5 hours+ debugging.


To get bluetooth working; I added 3 other broadcom bluetooth files (brcmbluetoothinjector; brcmfirmwaredata, brcmpatchram3)





Finally, got this work. Many thanks and I will summarize. (for my Ideapad 330s-15ikb with DW1560). 1) Need to use hackintool to find your PCIE broadcom device and add to config.plist; 2) Need to create a modified kext by deleting 4360 item from airportBrcmFixup.kext 3) add 2 kext entries - a) for modified airprotbrcfmfixup and b) for NIC injector ** this got me as i didn't notice that the kernal entry for the injector is for the plist path and not the executable path 4) modify the boot-args to include brcmfx-driver=2. Now both bluetooth and wifi are working for my Opencore 0.7.2 on Big Sur 11.6.2 . THanks a million and I got caught because I had modified the wrong pathname section for nic injector => it needs to be the plist path.

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Was having an issue getting my BCM4352 wifi working and tried following that youtube video guide which was a disaster. Was hard to follow and poorly spoken. 


Then I found this guide: Working youtube video in plain english


No need to use Hackintool to add device configurations or map ports or anything.


Took me ten minutes with latest drivers and worked.



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