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  1. davidm71

    AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    @ammoune78 What patch? I don't remember!
  2. davidm71

    Safe to replace CSMVIDEO with Clover's in Bios?

    It would seem like a big risk though on my Ozmosis rig I once did in fact replace the csmvideo bios module successfully on a Gigabyte Z87 board and that helped fix a resolution issue I was having. Though that file was called hermitcsm I think. Probably an older modified Edk release? The system I am thinking of modding is an Asus Z68 board running Clover. The GOP driver I don’t believe gets loaded because I’m using a discrete video card and I just updated that card to the latest nvidia gop plus the motherboard lacks on board video ports. Furthermore turning off csm on this board locks up the system because of faulty uefi bios thanks to Asus. Thing is I have noticed that after I select to load Windows from the Clover boot menu all of a sudden the screen goes into high resolution mode with my bios boot logo being displayed half size while the Windows spinning wheel is displayed below the logo that was meant to be displayed at 640x480 res but now at a higher resolution. So was wondering if replacing that csmvideo module would allow the system to post at a higher res to keep things consistent? Fwiw I have my usb rom programmer standing by.. Thanks.
  3. Hi, Was wondering if it would be safe to replace the CSMVideo file in my bios module with the one from Clover? Thanks
  4. davidm71


    I made a fork of it a few months ago. Totally legal to do so according to the open source license. Actually I am one of a hundred people: https://github.com/LongSoft/UEFITool/network/members All I did though was skin it and add a few special effects. Its all UefiTool under the hood with full credit to Coderush and LongSoft.
  5. davidm71


    Ammoune try this version of UEFiTool ver 22.4! Only for Windows though.. UEFITool ROG 22.4
  6. davidm71


    If its that much trouble just buy a new board or a refurb compatible with your cpu and start over. Get one with dual bios feature. Even better get a Z170 with an 8350 and mod the bios for coffee lake then put Oz on in there. Its all about having fun and your not having any it seems.
  7. davidm71


    Firefly any luck?
  8. davidm71


    Have you guys tried using the stock bios with no ozmosis modules loaded to check if its Oz causing this problen? With my Z87X-UD5H I have dual bios switch which helps trouble shoot these issues. Also have you disabled CSM? Using the updated Hermit video module? Tried updating the GOP driver on the GPU? I once had a similar issue getting Oz going on my Gigabyte board using an old video card. Had issues getting a picture with more than one video card installed if I remember correctly. Anyhow was able to fix it by updating the GOP firmware using Lordkags GOP update utility: https://www.win-raid.com/t892f16-AMD-and-Nvidia-GOP-update-No-requests-DIY.html. I had an Nvidia card so not sure about AMD but after the update I was able to get a picture through the card. Also had to use AMIBCP to turn on CSM setting in my Oz bios.
  9. davidm71


    It very well may be not related. Couldn’t hurt to update them in anycase.
  10. davidm71


    I know how to do it in Windows. You run HWinfo. I don't know about Mac OS and if they force microcodes but if your not able to even load the bootloader and never updated your microcodes before it may not be the reason. Would not hurt to update the Microcode within the bios rom and see if the situation improves. Also there are two ways your microcodes get updated. 1. Via the OS as a software patch. 2. From the bios itself. I would use Uefitool NE44 to load your rom and see what version it says you have and then find the intel advisory on Spectre/Meltdown and make sure your not using a bad microcode.
  11. davidm71


    Firefly, Could it be your cpu microcodes? Have they been updated? Roll them back.. or forward.
  12. Hi, Know this is an old thread but its tough getting info on Duet so I thought I would ask here. I have made several Duet images and loading them inside VirtualBox. Noticed that the 2010 version of EDK2 Duetpkg does not load the efi shell unless you enable ‘efi’ setting in the Virtualbox settings. However the 2014 version loads the shell either way if EFI is turned off or on. So was wondering if this is just some compatibility issue or just limitations with Edk2-2010? Would prefer to use the 2010 version due to its small compile size. The 2014 and above are about 50kb larger, Thanks.
  13. I'm feeling pretty psyched. I had an old firewire 800 card lying around and plugged it into to my hack and it worked! Its a SIIG fwiw..
  14. davidm71


    Would searching for 'RTC Ram Lock' in AMIBCP and disabling it work? Which mobo?
  15. davidm71


    What versions have you tried?