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  1. I know this is stale dated but I had a really hard time finding the solution so I'll post my expereience. System Dell D620 with nvidia 110m video and Broadcom Dell 1390 wifi card. Installation of 10.6.0 using D620SLV1.iso and ran postinstall... perfect and easy. Here's the hard part that I still haven't solved fully... Upgrade to 10.6.8 => wifi breaks; can't fix. Upgrade to 10.6.6 => wifi breaks; fix by rerunning the postinstall from the d620SLV1.iso and then copying the original IO80211Family.kext from the 10.6.0 installation into the \library\extensions directory run kext wizard and clean cache/file permissions seems to run now i've spent 2 days trying to get 10.6.8 running but i'm going to give up on that... APPARENTLY, that version may have also changed PCI power savings or somethnig to break wifi in more ways than 1.
  2. Thanks, this is helpful as every time I'm updating it's killing my install and I can't figure out how to roll back... gives me something else to try
  3. I registered just to thank you for posting on this matter and to say that I managed to update my dell wifi card to an "airport" card. there is a note I want to make the working product/vendor id's listed in the previous posts / links be careful when looking at them; they are reversed as listed as I almost mixed up the vendor id and product id when programmg the new one in. copied from osxlatitude post by leon