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GalioEthernet9601:A Re-writed kext of DM9601 Adaptor for MacOS/Hackintosh


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Hello everyone,  I 'm very glad to release my first project of IOKit Driver: GalioEthernet9601



Yeah that's what you see. I wrote this project to pay my respect to Galio, which is one of my favorite champions in LOL.:)


OK let's get to the point. GalioEthernet9601 is an open source driver for the USB-Ethernet adapter based on Davicom DM9601 for MacOS/Hackinstosh (See samuelv0304' s project for more details). Actually, you could regard this project as a Re-writed and Upgraded driver compared with USBCDCEthernet.

Why I rewrote USBCDCEthernet?

Though complete USBCDCEthernet is, it still have some issues. For example, the code in this project is for 10.11 and ealier so that you can't compile it in the latest version of MacOS. What' s more, USBCDCEthernet has not been maintained for about 7 years. When I try to add some new features on it, I found I can't do it as I need to download an old version of MacOS, which is impossible for me.

So that' s it , I wrote this new project.

What can it do?

As I said, this is a Re-writed project from USBCDCEthernet, so it can do what USBCDCEthernet can do in theory. For now I have no plans to add some new features on it because I ' m really a Green-hand on IOKit. Maybe I could get down to add some new features on it as soon as it is completely transplanted from USBCDCEthernet. But at least, this driver can do these things on your MacOS/Hackintosh:

  • Detect your Adapter(not really work, will work soon)

  • Bascially support for your Adapter

If you have some ideas about this project, just write it in issue page. If you have some new code, just send PR to me.


Now I  'll send some pictures. 


Kext Loading:








Kext Unloading:



How Could I install it?

  • Download the source here from Github and compile it with XCode

  • Copy this driver in /System/Library/Extensions with 'sudo' command and then rebuild the kextcache(Or inject it into OC/Clover, only for Hackintosh).

I have tested in 13.6 and it may support in 12.0+, but haven' t tested yet.


See here for more information.




This code is licensed under Apple Public Source License. See LICENSE for more details.



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kext installing TIP: never recommend people to install kexts into /System/Library/Extensions, kexts installed there are usually removed when upgrading the system, recommend your users to install kexts to /Library/Extensions instead

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