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    URL:https://github.com/penghubingzhou/VoodooI2C-DSDT VoodooI2C-DSDT is a repository that is aiming at collecting various successful DSDTs for Voodoo I2C. Purpose The purpose of this repository is to provide some useful code examples for people who haven't yet make Voodoo I2C work. Maybe It don't have your model of laptop, but code in this repository may have some help and references for you. Note that the code in this repository is ONLY FOR REFERENCES and it can‘t replace your own work! For Submission This repository welcomes everyone to submit DSDT code examples that have successfully made VoodooI2C work by PR. To submit your example, please put the DSDT file (or Hotpatch SSDT file), an ioreg without Voodoo I2C installed, and Info.txt in a folder named by your laptop model. Info.txt should include: Your CPU model (better for including CPU platform) Your touchpad Device ID The mode you use (GPIO interrupt or polling) Satellite Driver You Use Then, fork this repository and clone it, put your file in and commit it to your repository. After checking the conflicts, you can send your commit as a PR to me. An example for submitting can be found in Lenovo Xiaoxin Chao 7000-14. Credits @Alexandred for VoodooI2C @daggeryu for the idea in this repository @penghubingzhou and @williambj1 for maintaining
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    AnywhereEFI : Auto EFI file tools for Hackinstosh

    Recently I m busy porting this script into cocoa app and have less time to reply, sorry for delay. I have thought about that. Not all laptop have only one efi partition, especially these who have two hard disk. We need to determine what partition is the clover partiton so that we can copy new efi file there in the next step.
  3. Hello evryone, this is the first time I open a topic in this forum. I wrote a script as title mentioned. Also I really appreciate all of you to help me test and develop this script or even port it into APP. You can down it in this URL: https://github.com/penghubingzhou/AnywhereEFI Features Install EFI automatically Mount your EFI partition in installing Update your Clover EFI version autoatically And more in future…... Enjoy it ! Credits @hieplpvip for mount_efi.sh @Dids for clover-builder @PMheart for useful help
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    VirtualSMC — SMC Emulator

    smart frequency can‘t work with the latest virtualsmc
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    webcam is black in Photobooth and FaceTime?

    Hey I have the same problem as yours,could you just share it for us?