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  1. ITzTravelInTime

    Recommended add-on sound card that works with OSX?

    the only ones i know with working 5.1 is the sound blaster audigy rx (only outputs working using the kx audio driver mod), the sound blaster sb1040 (i don't know if 5.1 works on that) and creative sb0880 with fornt io panel (same as the sb1040, i don't know very well what works and what not). I personally own a sound blaster audigy rx with the custom kx audio driver made by me, which supports chenging the sampling rate on mac, and for recording, since it doesn't work in the mac driver of the sb asuigy rx, i use an esi maya 44 xte with a capacitor microphone (i have to say that it's much cleaner and works better for both mac and windows as solution) i'd just like to figure out how to make inputs woirking on the audigy rx by modding the code of the kx audio driver if you want a fully working pcie card and you want to do some professinal use out of it meybe you can use an ESI card like the maya 44 xte or the maya 44 xe, but if you want a cheaper and better solution, i would suggest to you to go for a usb sound card, because internal pcie/pci sound card compatibility is pretty limited on mac, because of the lack of drivers.
  2. ITzTravelInTime

    MAYA44 eX sampling rate issues

    i am having the same issues using a maya 44 xte (which is basically the same card, with just one chip changed), i just don't levase the sleed enbles in the power management settings of mac os
  3. ITzTravelInTime

    GeForce 9800 gx2 Sierra/High Sierra

    my 8 and 9 series geforce cards with single gpus just works fine on sierra and high sierra in my machines, i just had to use inject nvidia in clover if it's needed
  4. asus, not too much time ago, released this sound card, the Xonar AE, the particular thing about this card is that uses an usb sound chip troghout a pcie usb controller, the sound chip used is the C-Media 6632AE, so beacause this same chip has mac drivers for the usb sound cards, i was wondring if it can let this card to work using the same driver, maybe the driver will require some mods, like the chenge of the usb ids, but i hope that it can work. What's your opninion about that? Any owners of this sound card here which can perform some tests?
  5. ITzTravelInTime

    Kext for Mac OS X Asus Xonar DGX 5.1 C-Media CMI8786

    does the kext work? has it been tested? is available any source code?
  6. ITzTravelInTime

    Gruppo telegram "hackintosh italia"

    Ciao ragazzi, volevo presentarvi il nostro nuovo gruppo telegram (fatta da me e qualche amico) che condividiamo qui grazie all'autorizzazione gentilmente offertaci dallo staff. Questo gruppo è fatto per potersi aiutare a vicenda su hackintosh usando solo ed esclusivamente il metodo VANILLA, come dal tronde si fa qui su insanely, lo scopo è quello di fornire aiuto rapido per chi ha problemi ad installare mac sul proprio pc. il gruppo lo trovate qui: https://t.me/hackintoshalia Nota: non siamo affiliati e non siamo un gruppo ufficiale di insanelymac, siamo un gruppo a parte, ma grandi fan di questa commiunity e questo forum, di cui condividiamo i principi e le idee.
  7. ITzTravelInTime

    WDN-4800 and ATI HD5450 not working in Mojave!

    you need a gpu which supports metal, because the ui in mojeve uses metal rendering, so even using older drivers, you will still not have graphics acceleration
  8. ITzTravelInTime

    TP-LINK WN881ND con mojave

    risposta seria: sembra che apple abbia rimosso il supporto a tutte le schede wifi atheros, come questa, ho sentito che puo funzionare usando il kext io80211family di high sierra con apposita modifica al kext interno athors40 , instalalto in sle al posto di quello di mojave, per farlo andare con questa scheda, ma non so se questo in effetti funziona e se nel caso vada continuerà a farlo anche dopo gli aggiornamenti vari di mojave finale
  9. ITzTravelInTime

    Therer's a new EFI Partition Mounter tool in town

    it has not been released yet, because it's not ready, the development is stillg oing on, i think i will release it in september when i can compile it using xcode 10 gm and when i will do a final test using mac os mojave gm, for now i am working to solve all the issues i am finding, and i still have to add some secondary fetures requested by some of you.
  10. ITzTravelInTime

    Therer's a new EFI Partition Mounter tool in town

    the first version of the app is near to be released, it has finally an icon, and it's only missing some unecessary features and some bug fix, to release it i will at least wait until xcode 10 GM is released, because the entire app is made using it to have fully supported mojave dark mode. for the icon i have worked together with @prcmelo and he has created some really good icons, that i want to show to you. As a prize he recived a special early access to the unfinished app and also the mention in the credits of the app.
  11. ITzTravelInTime

    Lilu — kext and process patcher

    so what's better to use? this or the dear old fake smc? Which are the mein differences beetween this and your standard fake smc kext?
  12. ITzTravelInTime

    TINU: The macOS install media creation tool - Mac app

    Finally some updates, i am working on tinu 2.1 and on my new app EFI Partition Mounter (which is the new efi partition mounter sub tool i am introducing in tinu 2.1, but as a standalone tool) and starting from today it has been 1 year since i started working on TINU, in fact the first code file i have made, the InfoviewController.swift file is dated august 24th 2017, so to celebrate that i have an announcement, i have finally managed to use system apis to do the authentication for tinu and for my new tool as well, i found a way to implement this easily by using apple script, but the problem now is that there is some code to re-work and also it may require to ask the password different times during the install media creation process, if you know any way to keep the authentication with multiple apple scripts let me know. and also for the clover part i have collected all the info i need to write the code and make it to work, inluding automatic download of the latest version of the clover installer, which is then used to install clover automatically by the app, using the settings choosen by the user to install clover. But TINU 2.1 is almost ready and it's a whole reorganizement of the clode, making it more simple, efficient and modular, (this allowed me to pull out just what i need to make the EFI partition mounter available also as a standalone tool), and tinu also recived a lot of improvements and bug fixes too, including some UI modifications to improve the usability of the app. That's all for now, just a post to update you and celebrate 1 year of tinu development.
  13. i also have an announcement for the other guys, i am working on a system to let you use a custom channel mapping using a boot arg, this is because the channel assignment using the midi utility of mac os does not always works with all the programs, and also because i have some requests from the guys with broken audio ports, so i am trying to get it to work and if i can make it to work, it will be included into a new release of the driver, and i will also try to add support for custom samplerates using a boot arg bot as the channel mapping, only if i succed to made it to work, the problem i am having is reading values from a boot arg. then the next things i will add are a cuple of new sample rates, the first is 7khz because it's the standard used in some phones, so i think that it could be usefoul, the other sample rate i have added is 49,716 khz which is the standard used for the fm syntesis in old school dos sound cards, because it'used in dos and old conosoles emulators for the fm sound, which is done using a bit-accurate emulation logic, which outputs sound at the same sample rate as the original fm sound chips, and using it will allow you to get a more accure sound in some emulators, like dos emulators, without resampling fm sound, so you will have a better experience using those programs by using this sample rate, because you have a more detailed sound from the emulator, with the details you normally loose when the sound is resampled for standard sample rates, i hope that this feature will be added to other sound drivers as well, it's a nice addition for emulator's users.
  14. tank you, but mine is just a small mod to keep the mac driver going, you have to say thank you to eugene garnilov who's the developer of the original driver and he did the most of the job. But i am happy that you are enjoying your sound card, if you have a normal audigy 4, it's still a very good budget card even for today's standard and a lot better of most of the on board sound cards, and if you have an audigy 4 pro, it's one of the best pci audigy cards ever made.
  15. ITzTravelInTime

    Therer's a new EFI Partition Mounter tool in town

    yes i know about that and in fact my app will support mojave and dark mode and in one app you will have the windowed and the menu modes, i am just working because i want to add those features and others and because i am still finishing the making of this app a standalone thing from tinu, some menus still needs to be completed and i still need an icon, so i still need to do a lot of work but thanks for the help and suggestions, if you want to suggest features or tutorials to implement some feature, feel free to do it