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    macOS 10.13.2 Update is out

    Thank a lots, Sherlocks !
  2. I have a mobo almost same as yours,EP45-UD3R and I modded it from 775 to 771.After updated Clover to v4334, I also update from 10.13.1 to 10.13.2.Everything works ok. mobo : EP45-UD3R CPU : E5450 Ram : 8g GPU : ATI 4850 512g SSD : ADATA 120g
  3. After updated Clover to V4334, also succeed update from 10.13.1 to 10.13.2:
  4. Update Lilu.kext & AppleALC.kext to the latest
  5. limurphy

    Help to fix DSDT

    Try: 封存.zip
  6. limurphy

    [HOW TO] Modification of AMD FB + Clover injection

    ATOM BIOS Rom: SubsystemVendorID: 0x104d SubsystemID: 0x908a IOBaseAddress: 0x0000 Filename: BR41199.024 BIOS Bootup Message: Sony/Wistron Z50CR ThamesPro DDR3 PCI ID: 1002:6841 Connector at index 0 Type [@offset 16006]: LVDS (7) Encoder [@offset 16010]: INTERNAL_UNIPHY (0x1e) i2cid [@offset 16080]: 0x96, OSX senseid: 0x7 Connector at index 1 Type [@offset 16016]: HDMI-A (11) Encoder [@offset 16020]: INTERNAL_UNIPHY1 (0x20) i2cid [@offset 16103]: 0x90, OSX senseid: 0x1 Connector at index 2 Type [@offset 16026]: VGA (1) Encoder [@offset 16030]: INTERNAL_KLDSCP_DAC1 (0x15) i2cid [@offset 16130]: 0x97, OSX senseid: 0x8 BR41199.024 : Sony/Wistron Z50CR ThamesPro DDR3 Subsystem Vendor ID: 104d Subsystem ID: 908a Object Header Structure Size: 199 Connector Object Table Offset: 34 Router Object Table Offset: 0 Encoder Object Table Offset: 99 Display Path Table Offset: 12 Connector Object Id [14] which is [LVDS] encoder obj id [0x1e] which is [iNTERNAL_UNIPHY (osx txmit 0x10 [duallink 0x0] enc 0x0)] linkb: false Connector Object Id [12] which is [HDMI_TYPE_A] encoder obj id [0x20] which is [iNTERNAL_UNIPHY1 (osx txmit 0x11 [duallink 0x1] enc 0x2)] linkb: false Connector Object Id [5] which is [VGA] encoder obj id [0x15] which is [iNTERNAL_KLDSCP_DAC1 (osx txmit 0x00 enc 0x10?)] linkb: false LVDS : 10 00 01 07 HDMI : 11 02 02 01 VGA : 00 10 03 08 LVDS / 02000000 40000000 08010000 / + (add your code construction) VGA / 10000000 10000000 00010000 / + (add your code construction) DP / 00040000 04030000 00010000 / + (add your code construction) DVI-SL / 00020000 04020000 00010000 / + (add your code construction) DVI-DL / 04000000 14020000 00010000 / + (add your code construction) HDMI / 00080000 04020000 00010000 / + (add your code construction) From AMD6000Controller.kext: Ipomoea (3) DP, HDMI, VGA orig: 00040000040300000001000012040105 00080000040200000001000011020403 10000000100000000001000000000002 fix: 02000000400000000801000010000107 00080000040200000001000011020201 10000000100000000001000000100308 DSDT.aml.zip
  7. limurphy

    Compile Errors when Patching DSDT & SSDTs

    Only fix error : 封存.zip
  8. I have succeed fresh install High Sierra on my old mobo EP45UD3R.All credits to fusion71au.I just follow his instruction : http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/308034-how-to-create-a-macos-installer-which-doesnt-need-bootloader-kext-injection-fakesmc-in-pre-linked-kernel-bypass-high-sierra-firmware-and-mbr-check/
  9. limurphy

    Fixing problems

    You may try: Install the Lilu.kext & NvidiaGraphicsFixup.kext in /Volumes/EFI/EFI/CLOVER/kexts/Other
  10. limurphy

    DSDT [Battery patching] help for Lenovo Yoga 910

    I apply a patch for yoga 900 from Rehabman. You should try it. DSDT.dsl.zip
  11. limurphy

    Xeon Mac Pro 3.1

    voodootscsync-configurator: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/323366-voodootscsync-configurator-create-a-custom-version-of-voodoo-tsc-sync/?hl=%2Bvoodootscsync&do=findComment&comment=2421765
  12. Hi passoporto: I followed the guide from the following website: http://www.overclock.net/t/1431723/mod-lga775-support-for-lga771-xeon-cpus I have Yosemite (10.10.5) & Sierra (10.12.5) on my SSD , both work fine.I even don't need FakeCPUID .From the photo attached,you can see cpuid : 00010676 patch id : 060F Hi Blaggah :I don't have the sound problem. For sound,it was ALC889A(same as ALC885) ,I have installed AppleALC. I use Clover with DSDT.
  13. Unless you modify LGA775 to LGA771.
  14. limurphy

    Apple releases macOS 10.12.5 update

    My old mobo Gigabyte GA-EP45UD3P + Xeon E5450 also can run on this version(Sierra).
  15. For those who wants to install Sierra with a Xeon CPU, must boot with arg npci=0x3000 also with VoodooTSCync.kext (IOCPUNumber = x -1 ;where x is no. of thread) .This is what I do. Of course you may have to mod your mobo bios with SSE4.1 microcode.
  16. I had succeed to install Sierra on my old mobo Giga EP-45 UD3P with modded BIOS for Xeon E5450 CPU.
  17. limurphy

    Need help fixing errors on DSDT for eGPU

    Provide all original dsdt & ssdt. Also hard ware spec.
  18. limurphy

    Asus 1201N Installation and support

    Thanks to TimeWalker75a & theconnatcic ! I can install Yosemite & Maverick in my Acer Revo R3600(4g ddr2) by using the packages made by Timewalker75a.I had modified SSDT-5.aml to make system loads SMBUS & LPC kext. Only 1 problem was found ,that is EHCI not working properly except disable USB legacy support in the bios.
  19. limurphy

    Help with applehda

    You may try : https://github.com/vit9696/AppleALC/releases
  20. limurphy

    Help with Battery Percentage

    Take a try : dsdt.zip
  21. limurphy

    [HELP] Fix battery percentage in DSDT Lenovo L420

    I'm glad it works.
  22. limurphy

    [HELP] Fix battery percentage in DSDT Lenovo L420

    I have modified your patch dsdt.zip
  23. limurphy

    unexpected PARSEOP_NAMESEG, expecting '('

    Just delete the whole Zero's lines at two error areas.
  24. limurphy

    unexpected PARSEOP_NAMESEG, expecting '('

    Without error, iasl=6.1 origin.zip
  25. limurphy

    unexpected PARSEOP_NAMESEG, expecting '('

    At the end of "Exclusive," Suggest you post the original dsdt + ssdt.