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DRM & WIFI sharing

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hi i have updated my hackintosh to Big Sur 11.0.1 with OpenCore 0.6.3.


there are 2 things i realized that is not working.

1. DRM issue, when i was running catalina. i was able to run video on quicktime, amazon prime trailer, Apple TV, but not Netflix. after the update i am only able to run Amazon prime trailer. i have followed guide from dortania about fixing DRM. using Shikigva = 80. still not working.


2. Wifi Sharing password. from my hackintosh, i am able to share password to other apple devices. but, my hackintosh wont receive password from other device (the other device received pop up to share password to my hackintosh but it will only load for long time and ended up with "there was a problem sharing your wifi-password.". 


anyone can help me on this?

my pc spec in signature.

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It's been a very common problem not to be able to watch Netflix with Safari but it works Ok with other browsers such as Chrome or Brave for instance. Still is the case in Big Sur in which I can watch Netflix with aforementioned browsers. Quicktime videos play as well in Big Sur as does AppleTV.








Are you sure your issues are DRM related?



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hi @Hervé , im kinda new in this and im actually not sure whether it is DRM related or not.

 VDADecoderChecker - supported


what happened to me during DRM testing according to dortania guide is


1. Quicktime: plays only the audio, while video remains black.

2. Amazon Prime : plays spiderman trailer just fine

3. Netflix : ended up with S7706 error.

4. Applet TV : open and close after 0.5 sec


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XFX cards are notorious for being poorly supported under OS X/macOS. I'm not saying that this would be the case for your XFX RX470 but are you sure you've got graphics acceleration fully working?


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hi @Hervé , well according to test like  VDADecoderChecker - hardware acceleration is supported.

I ran geekbench 5 for gpu and it seems to be running fine.

played some apple arcade games without problem.


any guide i can follow to test the accelleration of my gpu?

@Pavo thanks for the info i will keep track!

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@cybermiguel @Hervé @Pavo


Hi guys, just want to update regarding DRM.


i just updated from Bigsur 11.0.1 to 11.1, and tried running netflix on safari. not it Worked! i no longer get the s7706 screen.

and also regarding wifi sharing now worked.


seems like it was big sur bug after all

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