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  1. Samsung laptop and UEFI boot

    Sorry, but I don't understand chinese. I used google translator and still didn't find any information about this issue. =/
  2. Samsung laptop and UEFI boot

    Ok...here's the deal. I've got a Samsung laptop (model RV411-S04CL) which has the following specs: Intel Pentium Dual Core CPU (sandy bridge) Intel HM55 chipset nVidia GeForce 315M (512 MB) dedicated video card Realtek ALC269 audio Atheros AR9285 Wi-Fi Realtek PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet And I want to install OS X Lion. Now, what's the problem? Well... one of the curious things this laptop has is that it's BIOS is actually a Phoenix SecureCore UEFI firmware. I found it quite interesting, as in the firmware setup (or BIOS screen, if you want to call it) it allows me to choose if I want "legacy boot" or "UEFI boot". In my curiosity, I chose UEFI boot and installed Windows 7 x64 using GPT partitions (it's not hybrid....it's full GPT) and UEFI boot. In fact, the installer created an EFI system partition that has the bootloader in /efi/boot/bootx64.efi In other words...a full UEFI/GPT Windows 7 system working like it should. So, what's the deal? The deal is that I want to install Mac OS X Lion ALONG my Windows 7 UEFI/GPT installation. I searched on the internet for bootloaders that can boot ina UEFI environment and found two: XPC and [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url]. Tried them both. Problem? Both got stuck at a blinking underscore and then the system tried to boot from the HDD (I pressed the ESC key so that it doesn't boot and boots again from the USB). When they actually load (the second time I hit ESC so the Windows bootloader doesn't start), they only show me the USB pendrive and neither the HDD nor the DVD drive. I tried to disable AHCI and I get both bootloaders to show the HDD and the DVD drive, which is good...except for the fact that when I try to boot Windows 7 with AHCI disabled, it crashes before it loads with a BSOD. Besides, I read that AHCI is necessary for Lion to work properly. So... got stuck at the bootloader and can't install a damn OS X distribution (neither iAtkos L1 nor stock Snow Leopard). What can I do? Am I doing something wrong?
  3. EFiX: OSx86 gone commercial?

    To me, this dongle sounds like a TPM chip on a USB stick. Just think about it. The real macs use the TPM chip for ID purposes only (such as Don't Steal Mac OSX.kext and such) and you just have to have the Mac original TPM key cloned to a USB stick. Now, about the rest...I don't know how could it be, but if it works, I will certainly and undoubtly buy one. Regards. ^^
  4. AppleHDA Patcher Results

    Computer Type: PC (Intel D945GCL) Sound Card Vendor: Sigmatel Sound Card Model: 9220 Vendor Id: 0x83847680 (revision 1036) Working: Nothing Not Working: Mic, Headphones, Line out, Line in Patcher Version used: 1.16 System Version: Tiger 4.11 obs: The system boots normally and the "Line Out" option shows in the preferences pane, however, I cannot get any sound come from the motherboard, and I cannot record any sound either. I've tried all the connectors and I only get silence. I have a codec dump and here it is I have EXACTLY THE SAME problem. stac9221a.txt
  5. IQ and race

    I would have to study in depth the genetic differences between the caucacian man and the black man, but for what I know, there are very few differences and that those are mainly physical, not mental. For example, the black people can tolerate very well the heat and sun, while the caucasian people can tolerate very well the coldness....you know...things like that. Those doesn't make any other race better than other..it's just their characteristics.
  6. 9/11 isn't worth talking/thinking about

    My country (Chile) gave USA the middle finger in the war against irak. It opposed with no exception and no remorse. What happened? nothing. USA is still a "friend" of my country and we all get along....it's just that my country does not justify violence of any kind. My country (Chile) gave USA the middle finger in the war against irak. It opposed with no exception and no remorse. What happened? nothing. USA is still a "friend" of my country and we all get along....it's just that my country does not justify violence of any kind.
  7. Leopard leaked!

    A friend of mine is downloading it from TPB and it's on 60% right now. In the torrent description says that it is the 581 version. Is that the gold master?
  8. Leopard leaked!

    That's right, fellows. Visiting a popular torrent "bay" (i hope you understand) I found the latest version of Apple OS X. The image weights about 6.22 GB and it's in DMG format. I haven't downloaded it yet, because I have a "hacintosh" but If someone here has a mac and can confirm the news, it would be very nice, because we could have some early driver and installer development. I hope you like it. PS: I didn't give the link because of the forum policies, but I can send it to you via PM or email.
  9. I have exactly the same problem, but my chip is the 9221-A one.
  10. Actually, I have the very same problem. I have a Broadcom BCM2045 Bluetooth USB adapter and it works with everything....BUT MY HEADSET. It simply denies to work. It says that the hardware is not compatible. I think it may be a restriction on the bluetooth Kexts that we should get through....somehow.
  11. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    Hi, Taruga. I'm a newbie at this forum, however, I've been reading it for a long time. The thing is that I have searched for a solution to the audio problem that I have and I just came here because of the forum search engine. Anyway, I think your approach to the AppleHDA problem is the right one and I think you are doing a great job here. The reason why I'm writing this post is because I have a Sigmatel 9220 audio chip (identified by ubuntu live cd as Sigmatel STAC 9221 A1) and I don't have audio out of it. I made a dump and used your patcher (version 1.15) but there is still no sound out of it, although it recognizes the capabilites of the chip (2 inputs, 1 output and 24 bits, 96 Khz). Is my chip or motherboard supported? Right now i'm using the "blue jack output" solution, but as we all know, it's not the best thing to do when you have to unplug and plug again your speakers everytime you start Mac OS. By the way, my motherboard is an Intel D945GCL. Regards. PS: Attached to this post is my codec dump from linux. stac9221a.txt
  12. Do you consider yourself a "nerd?"

    Yes, I consider myself as a nerd....so what? Regards. ^^
  13. Global Warming

    Exactly. I live in Antofagasta, near the capricorn tropic and every year, the winters become colder and there has been a little bit of rain (strange thing since the city is located in the world's dryest desert) and the summers become more and more hotter. How's that possible? We're supposed to live in a well-balanced climate, since we are near the shore. My father has a Master degree in "environmental engeneering" and he has shown me many documents that support the fact that our climate is changing waaaaaaayy fast and that it is because of the global warming and pollution.
  14. ISLAM - general & cartoons

    I'm agnostic, but my family is Catholic. Sometimes we see a Jesus or God cartoon in our house and we laugh at it, not because they hat Jesus or their religion, but because it's fun. If you know spanish, you should really go to http://pordios.elerlich.com/ This is a cartoon that makes fun of god...yes, god. It's quite fun. Does it offend most of the christians? no...I don't think so. People..don't take too seriously the cartoons. We all have enough problems of all kinds to handle to take seriously a cartoon.
  15. Evolution vs. Creation

    In fact, I've always had the question if there is inteligent life in the unievrse, becuse here, on earth, we, the humans, are only "half-way" of the evolution. We can evolve into something more complex, more "perfect" intelectually speaking (because physically we will have to adapt to our medium conditions) and more aware of our surroundings...who knows...maybe we will reach stars some day, maybe we'll be just a vague memory of a new species of humans...I don't know, but as long as we have the possibility to "play" with the human genome and push the modifications to the limit, we will know a little bit more about our future.