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OCS error messages after OC update

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Hi there,

I have changed Clover with Open Core on my i3 based Hackintosh (see signature). Everything works well. My config.plist has 0 errors on Opencore config.plist sanity checker, so everything is properly checked or unchecked. Looking in google, these lines appear when something is in the wrong section, suddenly after OC upgrades. I use opencore 0.62 and built it using OC Gen-X v 2.52., so I didn't upgrade from older versions. I also use the last versions of OpenCore Configurator. Is this a solution? Thanks in advance.

IMG_0027 2.jpeg

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You can use this error message to find quickly all error to fix these in your config.plist.
Use for this e.g. PlistEdit Pro to open the Config.plist, after opening the file you can either scroll down manually to search for example the main term "Emulate" then go to the index 2 "DummyPowerManagement" to either change/ or remove this. This is roughly how you go about all the error entries you see in your picture.

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