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OCS: No schema errors.

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Hi there,

I made the switch from Clover to Open Core. I built the EFI content using OC Gen-X 2.52, then I downloaded all 4 SSDT's for Coffee lake. So it is OC 0.62. I modified the config.plist and checked with Open Core config.plist sanity checker and all is accurate. No config.plist from former versions of OC. Anyway I will attach my config.plist. I used the last version of OpenCore Configurator. Everything works fine, but I have these lines at boot screen. Is someone who experienced this and got a solution? Thank you in advance. My spec is # 2 from my signature.



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You have to remove the error from the Config.plist or edit it with true or false. Then the errors should no longer be displayed when booting

No Schema basically means that it doesn't recognize those options. It could be that they are misplaced, or mispelled.
Judging by the logs, it looks like it's complaining about fields in OC 0.6.2 - I'd double check that you truly do have OC 0.6.2, and that oc-gen-x didn't download 0.6.1

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