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[Release] macOS Catalina 10.15.7

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Question; Searching that file, for instance, 'InstallAssistantAuto.pkg' turns up many times. How do I figure out which are the proper files to download? Thanks…and I'm still on 19H2 :|

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If you are referring to Catalina, that link is the only available as full install..

the problem you'r having not being able to install security updates most probably is the result of a corrupted UID in your recovery volume.

its happened to me once and mounting that volume and erasing the corrupted data was the solution..

you will notice that inside it instead of one only directory you'll have 2, normally the corrupted one has much less files inside due to the installation failure, and the most recent dates ofc, 


all others  InstallAssistantAuto.pkg refers to other systems.

I tried downloading the first mention of the files mentioned by LAbyOne and successfully create an installer but it appears to successfully install but the build number never changes—I'm still on 19H2. I can't blame them but pulling OS installers from the MAS was an a-hole move from my perspective.

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