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  1. PDFs are still showing up black for me. FF 56.0.2
  2. Disk Warrior shot up a hardware error ("5, 1502" whatever that means) with my boot drive yesterday and now I'm wondering, in the process of replacing this drive (because hardware failure will be complete failure with hard drives), if there's a way to create a bootable installer thumb drive with NVIDIA's WebDrivers so I can actually see a screen. Also, I'm hoping that after a clean installation I can use my Time Machine backups to get my system back to where it was? TIA for your patience.
  3. Pssssst! Wanna guinea pig for us on 10.13 PB!?
  4. 10.12.5 final was released by Apple barely five minutes ago so of course I'm expecting an update within ten minutes! lol
  5. I wish APPLE would release extensions that NVIDIA and AMD could work with or even Hackintosh enthusiasts. Apple don't make it a no-brainer for any major GPU manufacturer to invest time towards macOS because Apple put out garbage like the garbage can iMac Pro (pro?). Blame can't entirely be on Apple because I'm sure AMD and NVIDIA could invest in making native drivers—but I imagine that'd upset Apple more since that'd drive the sales of Mac Pro towers that are actually upgradable.
  6. It'd be in the first post if it was available. As of this writing, it isn't.